October 18, 2015

Are You Worried About Privacy, Forget Google and Try These Search Engines

3 Search Engines that do not track user data

There was the time when Google was the only big name in search engine world. But now there are many more search engine who are running successfully even when Google is still on top. So what make other search engines get success when Google is their competitor. Well the very first thing that users of Google complaint about it is that their data is not secured with Google. Google always traces browsing history. Google has been in limelight always for its user data use. Google even scans your emails, track location, save search history and keep much more. If you are a user of Google and its products, then I must tell you that Google knows you better than you know yourself.

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Google tracks user data using various methods. It use this user data to serve targeted ads. Google also saves user data to offer better results. Although Google allows you to delete history but still it saves enough user data that it needs to be in business.

If you are one of those who don not want to share your user data or save your digital information, then here I am sharing 3 search engine alternative of Google which guarantee your privacy.

3 Search Engines that do not track user data

1. DuckDuckGo
Are You Worried about privacy, forget Google and try these search engines
Are You Worried about privacy, forget Google and try these search engines : eAskme
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I have already shared about DuckDuckGo, as it hit the milestone of 10, million searches everyday. DuckDuckGo has now grown as a number one alternative of Google. It never track search history or IP or user data. DuckDuckgo has its own calculation methods and algorithms to offer you good search result. You can even customize its interface, with instant answer features and search shortcuts. DuckDuckGo een allows you to make an extension of browser to activate privacy settings, as this will keep your search history protected.

2. Yippy
Are You Worried about privacy, forget Google and try these search engines

Yippy is a new name in the market of search engines. You can call it search engine kid. It also guarantee you the total privacy in Internet search. It automatically block  sex product sites, gambling sites or any other adult content which is not appropriate for kids.

It also protects your privacy. Yippy do not collect personally identifiable information such as email address, address, number, name etc. But it may collect anonymous information about IP address.

3. Ixquick
Are You Worried about privacy, forget Google and try these search engines : eAskme

There is a latest entrance in search engine marketplace, which is Ixquick. It a private search engines space. Ixquick concentrates on giving discreet search results. It is also known as world’s most private search engine site. It never record your search history, IP address or browser information.

Ixquick also allows you to search via proxy, so the sites don’t know real IP address. Ixquick has good user interface. But if you select proxy then It may slow down your searches.

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It shows search results in three options. When you search “eAskme” in Ixquick, then search results will show similar results like Google. These result has following three options:

• Click on a link to go to page

• Choose “Highlight” to see the basics of a site.

• Click “Proxy” to stay anonymous.

These 3 search engines offers you the maximum privacy options in search results. If you do know any other search engine which protects your privacy, don`t forget to let me know via comments. kindly mention the same in the comments.