October 17, 2015

How to Pick a Great Domain Name for Your Blog?

Blogging is a journey, but definitely not to center of earth. It is a long journey that take your time, bring some skills and get you on the top of where people love to relax. Blogging is not for those who are just short tempered or do nto have patience. usually people stop blogging because they are looking for fast results.  But if you are consistent then you will be awarded with huge rewards. I have earlier said that if your blog is getting 1000 genuine followers who look forward to read your blog posts daily then you can consider it as blogging success.

How to Pick a Great Domain Name for Your Blog : eAskme
How to Pick a Great Domain Name for Your Blog : eAskme
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If you have 1000 loyal readers who always wait for your new posts that means noone can stop them from reading your posts as they are waiting impatiently. Now this is what I call success, where you feed your readers with what they love to read on your blog and this make your blogging career unstoppable. You will get on to a positive spiral and value of your blog will go up day by day.

Blogging is a long journey that starts with the focus on design of blog, you will not only design but also hire writers, add plugins and keep your blog updated always. You can change anything on your blog expect your domain name.

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Remember : Domain name is your brand. Changing a brand name can destroy your reputation as a brand.

Domain name is not just a name but it also define what your brand represents or do. Choosing a best domain name is a crucial thing and today I am here to help you to choose the best possible domain name for your blog or website.

Keyword Domain Names Vs. Generic Domain Names

When choosing a domain name, you always have to make choice between keyword focused domain name or brand-able domain name for your blog.

eAskme is itself an example of generic brand name, which does not mean anything specific, so it brings the capability to do anything and launch anything.

But if you have a blog name such as iphoneinIndia.com. This type of name will restrict you to talk about iphone with a focus on India. Readers from outside India will not follow such type of blog.

I always recommend you to choose a domain name which do not block your way in future. If Google started started with domain like searchengine.com then it will never be able to become a brand.

Brand-able names are always perform better than keyword focused names.

But if your focus is on a small niche then you can go for keyword based domain names.

Is it Possible to Change Your Domain Name Later?

You should remember that all of your traffic, popularity and backlinks are linked with your domain name, so if you will change your domain name in future then you will lose all these benefits because your domain name is your brand.

Still there are example where few people have changed their domain name easily without getting hurt in term of traffic. SeoMoz is a live example as it changed to Moz.com. But I never take such risk also never recommend you to do that.

So we are back on the same thing that you should start blog or website with a good domain name. Sometimes bloggers get stuck with bad domain names and regret for their mistake.

For example, Yaro Starak is a popular blogger and has domain name Entrepreneurs Journey. He has said it many times that he has made a mistake as he should have chosen a better domain name.

Noone can predict the future success of your blogging, specially when you do not have huge money to start with your career. You should never settle for any mediocre domain name if you want to be a professional blogging.

I should give you one more example of Darren Rowse founder of ProBlogger. As he started his blog with .net extension, but he losing a lot of traffic to .com version of domain. Even a layman understand .com but not any other extension. Then Darren Rowse had to purchase ProBlogger.com also.

If you start blogging as a career then you should take it seriously and the very first thing you need to focus on is to choose right domain name for your website or blog. A good domain name will help you make your blog a brand. Now you may ask what makes a good domain name?

.com is No 1

I love .com domain names. No matter how many domain name extensions have been launched in the recent years, but noone can stand in front of .com doesn’t seem to lose its value. Every time a company brands itself with .com, the value goes up.

There is a big example of AirAsia as they did re-branding of their airlines, as they have written AirAsia.com on place of AirAsia on their flights. Such activities increase the band value of .com.

There are chances that you cna end up buying a .net or .org domain if you do not find your domain avilable in .com but believe me this will make you end up loosing some good traffic. Every common person just like to type .com at the end of domain name.

Somethimes the domain you are looking in .com extension may come under the category of premium domain names and we all know that premium domain names cost so much. In that case I recommend you to search on, LeanDomainSearch.com. There you will find a number of .com names with different word combinations.

2. The Domain Name Should Pass the ‘Phone Test’

Passing a phone test is one of the basic requirement for choosing a good domain name. If a domain do not pass the phone test then you should never go for that domain.

Passing a domain test means that you will be able to type the domain name without asking again for it.

So if I ask you to visit “easkme.com” on the phone to you, you cna easily type it

“Visit WikiHealthBlog.com” – also easy to type.

When to Go for Premium .com Domain Names

You may have this question if you find domain names not avilable in .com extension or it is in premium domain list. Everyday world is consuming more and more .com domain so there are chances that you don`t see what you are looking for in first go. Sometimes you have no other option other than going for a preium domain name in a premium domain name market.

Where to find a premium .com name:


These are the premium domain name market places where people are selling their domain names from $500 to $1,000 per domain name.

Register or Hold Domain Names

If you find a .com name avilable and want to register then you cna register that domain in GoDaddy or you can ask eAskme to register domain for you. The first year registration charges can be between $3-$10.

You can transfer domain names after two months of registration with your current registrar.

If you still have a question about how to choose the right domain name? feel free to ask via comments.

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