Facebook is Updating Notes for The Long Term in Content Publishing

A month ago Facebook started with a test on changing notes. Wanting to make it better for publishing content and had long term in mind. It started off as a change for only a selected number of people. But it was announced that Facebook will be releasing the new updated notes through the whole of Facebook.
Now Facebook is updating notes for the long term in content publishing : eAskme
Now Facebook is updating notes for the long term in content publishing : eAskme
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The idea was to create a sort of a blogging platform. For now it is only available for desktop users. But it can be seen  on mobile too. With the new notes the focus is changed to the content.Not as much focus in on the Facebook profile as expected.

Now you can format in the same way as you would for a blog. In the new notes you will find you have headings, quotes, bullets and more. While you have the option of a cover photo. Now you can resize photos on notes and caption photos too.

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So with this you have the chance to change your important events in your life. It has the ability to open new doors that we wouldn't think of. But it seems that Facebook may have forgotten mobile users with this improved version of notes.

With the changes Facebook does give suggestions for the new version of notes. If you went on vacation and you want to recap that, or any event in your life that is important to you, you can share with people that care. You can speak your mind on something that you saw or write a letter you want to share with the world. Now even recipes may get much needed attention. Depending on your personal likes. You can see the new version by going to Facebook notes. For mobile you can search notes.

But curious about the fact that there is a need for mobile publishing with notes. What makes it strange is the fact that Facebook is known as the mobile first company. It seems to be half hearted approach to mobile users. As the use of creating notes is limited to desktop users. It seems that Facebook is getting ready to launch a note app dedicated to mobile users.

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But it is acknowledged that Facebook should give more focus to mobile versions of notes. What do you think about this news? Have you started using it? Share your opinions. We will love to hear from our readers.
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