December 27, 2018

How to Become Most Wanted (UPDATE)

When I say Most Wanted surely, I am not talking about the game. "Most Wanted" is a word which is grabbing the attention of every single person living on this earth. Being most wanted means a person who is urgently being sought for a specific reason.

For a blogger, it is essential to becoming most wanted not only in your nation but in the whole world.

How to Become Most Wanted : eAskme
How to Become Most Wanted : eAskme
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Being most wanted to have its pros and cons. Sometimes being most wanted to bring fame and sometimes it brings the hate.

Its all depend upon the work or things a person does which makes him most wanted the person on this earth.

Some people are most wanted just because they were born in favorite families and some are most wanted because they did something exceptional.

Types of Being Most Wanted:

There are two types of people who come in the list of Most wanted people in the world, Good or Bad.

I always prefer the right version to become the most wanted and most demanding person on this earth.

The correct way of being Most wanted can bring you a fortune, and the bad habit of bringing most wanted will take you to prison.

So it`s up to you how you want to be a most wanted person.

How to Become Most Wanted:

How to Become Most Wanted : eAskme

If you are reading this article that means you also want to be the most wanted person and most demanding person. Let`s see how to become the Most wanted person.

Good Ways to Become Most Wanted:

1) Invent Incredible things:

Invent Incredible things : eAskme

The invention is the key to be famous, if your creativity can help humankind in a significant way, then you can be the Mr. Sex in no time, and you will see everyone looking for you.

The invention brings opportunities to become famous as you will be hot in newspapers and news channels,

You will notice that your followers will grow in no time and you will be asked to attend many conferences or interviews.

2) Start Fastest Growing Business:

Start Fastest Growing Business : eAskme

Business is also a way to become most wanted. If you know how to take the business to the next level of success, then you will be invited by many favorite companies and brands will compete to hire you or get your service.

You can even be featured as the most influential business person of the year every year, and this brings lots of money, fame and success.

3) Become Billionaire, Millionaire :

Become Billionaire, Millionaire : eAskme

Becoming rich is also an excellent way to become Most Wanted person. You may have seen many times that Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Kings of countries are famous.

There will be millions of people who are ready to die to follow you or to meet you.

You will be featured in the list of Forbes magazine every year.

4) Dangerous Adventure:

Dangerous Adventure : eAskme

Dangerous adventures are also a great way to become the most wanted person on this earth.

If you are the first person whom NASA will send on MARS then definitely you will be the golden charm of the project, and also you will grab the attention of world and thousands of interview or tele show requests.

5) Become Celebrity or Movie Star:

Become Celebrity or Movie Star : eAskme

Celebrities always stay center of attraction even in their golden days and even when they are no longer alive.

For Example, Micheal Jackson lived as a celebrity, died as a celebrity and still the most wanted pop start.

Bad Ways to Become Most Wanted:

Bad Ways to Become Most Wanted : eAskme

There are some bad ways also that I am sharing only for information purpose and I never advise anyone to do anything like that.

Bad Activities:

Some people do bad activities to become most wanted, such as rape, murder, kidnapping, smuggling, terrorist activities etc.

You may have heard or seen that countries always release lists of most wanted persons every year to hunt them down.


Where being Most Wanted in good way help society, being most wanted in Bad Way destroy everything. So cherish the life you have, and live the idea that everyone wants to be close to you.

There will be more reasons and benefits to become Most Wanted person. If you have some suggestions, feel free to share via comments.

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