October 15, 2018

Tips for Good Advertising

By Sona Mathews
Good Advertising! If we look around, we will realize that our environment is one big advertisement panel. Ads are present in many forms and, in a direct or indirect way, they are getting to potential users of the products and services. Advertising is modern science, and there is a whole field that deals with this business activity.

Tips for Good Advertising: eAskme
Tips for Good Advertising: eAskme

Effective advertising is a key condition for the development of a successful and productive business. If you offer a well-created advertising campaign to the market, there's a high chance it'll bring you more money than any other way of attracting consumers. Of course, you need to offer a quality product or service that will justify expectations of customers.

Big corporations often invest enormous amounts in advertising, because they know the investment will return soon.  But it is not always the case with small companies. Funds spent for the promotion of a product may be wasted, without achieving the desired goal.

You can't foresee whether you'll succeed or failed, so detailed planning is crucial. Even the most creative team can't help if you don't stick to plan. Why planning is important, read here.

No one can give you proven advice on how to advertise, but there are some things of vital importance for the success of your product. Restaurant Social media firm is helpful for good advertising.

Find the Target Group:

The best ad is the one where consumers find themselves in. You know that your commercial reached the goal when every potential consumer thinks it's intended for them, like something personal. Therefore, you should have a precisely targeted group.

Research shows that ads targeting a single group of consumers are usually more successful than those involving various target audiences.

It doesn't mean that your marketing team should personalize ads for every consumer in particular. They have to determine the main characteristics and behaviors and based on that, create a directed advertisement. Once you determine the target group, offer them unique and interesting content related to your product.

More info about strategies to define target group find on page: https://www.marketingdonut.co.uk/marketing-strategy/your-target-market/six-steps-to-defining-your-target-market

For example, an energy drink company won't make a commercial for members of older generations, because they rarely or not at all use this product. The buyers of these drinks are mostly young people, and such advertisements are usually full of action, with good music and attractive actors.

Follow the Digital Trends:

The popular name for the era we lived in is the digital age. It is clear that last years, most of our lives are taking place on the Internet. Modern trends in advertising include almost all digital channels and most of all, social networks.

For maintaining a stable position on the turbulent and competitive market, a company has to follow new trends in digital advertising. Today, consumers don't care too much about the product you promote, but how and when you advertise it.

Companies that want to create a digital marketing campaign have to use specific strategies. Users do not have time to search for your product, so you have to impose it on them. With so many different contents, it is difficult, but not impossible.

You have to stand out with creativity and innovation.

Social Networks as a Contributor:

Almost everyone is on social networks, and they became an essential part of our lives. Coverage of the market is almost 100%, so it is easy to get to potential consumers if you know the right way. If you can predict future trends before competitors, you have secured your position on the market.

 It's all about choosing a right social network, website or blog and an influencer that will present your product or service.

Classic commercials with celebrities and athletes are out-of-date. Now, "main actors" are ordinary people who have a lot of likes, followers or subscribers.

Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and other social networks are a form of interactive communication with users. You advertise the product, and in return, you get feedback from them through likes, shares, or direct comment and message.

Using Instagram Stories is the latest trend (check page to learn about using Instagram for business¬). This form of notification is available for just 24 hours and shows some everyday events. This is a great way to present your company to users in a completely different way.

You can show them some parts of product making process, how your workers spend their day, or to share some business anecdote with followers. It has been proven that those who feel some connection with the brand become loyal users.

Keep in Touch with Other Business Sectors:

The fundamental mistake of small organizations is isolating the marketing department from the rest of the company. Because of lack of money, often they hire a single employee or use outsourcing services.

According to research of eminent ad agency, there must be a person or a team in charge of advertising that will be in permanent contact with other sectors.

Regular communication and cooperation of all sectors is the base of good business. It's clear why marketing shouldn't be separated, but also why it is essential to keep in touch with other sectors. In contact with the production department, the marketing staff will get the required information about the product. The financial sector will provide data on costs and benefits. IT department may be of the utmost help since most of the advertising is now being done online.

More about Cost-Benefit analysis find on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cost%E2%80%93benefit_analysis.

Advertising Always Brings (Some) Results:

Each advertising campaign must have its purpose. Before any action, we define goals so that the advertising result can be considered. If the advertisement has achieved the effect you wanted, which is an increased demand for your product and company's profit, that's great.

Even if they didn't reach the financial goal, these actions could bring something positive. Perhaps your ad attracted the attention of customers in some other way. Your mailbox is stuffed, and customer service works in full capacity.

Potential customers are interested in your product, one way or another. You have caused some effect in the target group, and now you have to think about the next move.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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