Basic Wordpress Plugins for WordPress Blog

We already know that Wordpress is a best blogging platform and its benefits. Gaurav has already shared about how to install wordpress on Bluehost. Today we are going to list about some must have WordPress plugins, which you should consider installing on your site or blog.

Most of these are free essential Wp plugins, and few of them are bonus one, which will help you to optimize your blog to next level.

usually a newbie blogger don`t know that which plugin they need and which they don`t. So we have created this list of some popular plugins that you can use on your blog. These are the basic WordPress plugins That you can see on any WordPress blog.

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You can easily create a Wordpress blog with the settings and then you can follow this list of plugins.

Basic Wordpress Plugins for WordPress Blog : eAskme
Basic Wordpress Plugins for WordPress Blog : eAskme
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Basic and Free WordPress Plugins for a WordPress blog:

I will explain everything about these plugins here. We will discuss about all important plugins. Like W3 total cache is work with VPS hosting and Wp super cache works with shared hosting too. Now lets see these basic plugins.

Akismet :

WordPress comment spamming is that you always face. When you start Wordpress bog you start getting some cheesy lines with link inside them. Check that you will find most of the links are spam or affiliate.

 Akismet is a well known official WordPress plugin that help you to prevent spam comments on your blog in WordPress.This is the first plugin that you need to install. If you don`t use this plugin then spammers will fill your blog with spam comments. Akismet plugin will automatically move those comments which it will consider spam into the trash and permanently delete them after few days.So it is an important must have plugin. Download Akismet from here.

Jetpack :

Jetpack plugin by WordPress allows you to monitor your site. It also allow you to access many more features directly from To install go to and create new ID, then youcan activate jetpack. Jetpack plugin brings you more features like subscriptions, stats, BuddyPress, proofreading and some more exciting widgets.

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jetpack also let you add social buttons and recent tweets in sidebar. If you using Google analytics then you can skip this plugin. You can download jetpack from here.

Share Bar :

Social bookmarking is one of the major ranking factor for SEO. That`s why it is always recommended to have Google+ button on your posts and blog. The reason of placing social sharing button is to increase your social presence and get more traffic to your blog. Sharebar plugin add a vertical floating social media bar.I recommend you to try this plugin. You can download sharebar from here. 

WP super cache :

WP super cache if one of the best cache plugin for WordPress. It add so many features like Preload site cache, gZip compression, Preload and files for faster loading.  It allow you to create cache of homepage and make it load faster.It is a must have basic WordPress plugins, as Google also consider site speed to rank a website. You can download WP super cache from here.

Contact form 7 :

You will see hundreds of contact form plugins in WordPress plugins. You can use gravity that is premium. But if you are looking for a free and good solution then Contact form 7 best to configure. Contact form by Yoast is also the similar plugin.

It also shows the referral source taht will help you to know how your visitors navigate on your blog. You can easily customize it. Every entery on this form will be emailed on your email id. You can download Contact form 7 from here.

Google XML sitemaps :

Sitemap is a page that have all links of your site or blog insite it. XML Sitemap submission is important to Google find all your pages.It is necessary to do it. You can also use Google XML sitemap plugin as it generate sitemap of yoru blog and submit it manually to Bing webmaster tool and Google Webmaster tool.  This auto update and notify search engine for any changes you make on your blog or site. You can download XML sitemap plugin from here .

WordPress SEO by Yoast:

WordPress SEO Yoast plugin is an alternative to All in one SEO plugin offer much more features than allin one SEO. It also offers XML sitemap, RSS footer by Yoast, Meta robots plugin and much more. This also allow you to noindex your nonuseful pages.You can also use it as alternate of Google XML sitemap.

PUSHPress :

This plugin tell google about any new post written by you by sending FAT PINGS. It also tell Google that you are the original author. Thsi plugin help faster indexing and also help keep spammers away. This is one of the must have basic WordPress plugins. You just need to add and activate this plugin. Download PushPress from here. 

WordPress Database Backup :

Backup plugin is a must have WordPress plugin. Wordpress works on PHP and MySQOl. there are the chances to get hacked or it can crash and you cna lose all your data. So it is always recommended to use this pluginto take schedule back up of your blog and send you a copy of it. Download Database backup plugin from here.

Bonus Plugins for new WordPress Blog

So till now we have discussed some must have basic plugins for WordPress. So now I mention few more but make sure that you don`t make a clas of plugins. You should not install W3 Total Cache plugin and Super cache plugin together.

W3 Total cache :

This is the best competitor of WP super cache plugin. But, it caches much more.WP super cache asks to use some other plugins with it. W3 Total cache plugin is an all in one plugin. It contains everything that is needed in a cache plugin. It too much caching can be dangerous as it can result in crashing your site. Download W3 Total Cache Plugin from here.

WpTouch Plugin:

WpTouch plugin gives a mobile view to your blog without making changes in HTML5 or design. You can configure all settings. Their pro option allow you to use your own custom mobile theme. Still their free plugin is good enough and it also show adsense in mobile view. Download Wp Touch Plugin from here .

WordPress plugin directory have thousands of plugins But, for a faster experience I would recommend you to install only essential pugins. If I miss any basic plugin then do let me know in comments. If you like this article do share it on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

if you have any question, feel free to ask me. Don`t forget to like us on fb and subscribe our newsletter to get free updates.