Why and How to Use CloudFlare

When I first check cloudflare, I was thinking what the heck is this? My website always load fine. I found out that CloudFlare clean the attempt from malicious attacks and only let clean traffic come to our site, So I started using Cloudflare to get rid of spam visits and unwanted bots. That`s why I started using Cloudflare. This is a free service and I recommend it to all EASKME readers.

Why and How to Use CloudFlare : eAskme
Why and How to Use CloudFlare : eAskme
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If you do not know what is Cloudflare then this article is for you. You need not to have any technical knowledge to setup account with Cloudflare.

What is Cloudflare and how does it work?

Lets see this example. is hosted on a web-server with I.P “”. When you type in browser, browser sends a request to DNS and get the result “”, and you cna access site.

In CloudFlare, you add Cloudflare Name-server to domain. Cloudflare starts filtering all the request coming to your website. Cloudflare blocks any illegal access or spam and protecting your site.

Cloudflare do not change anything on your website. It just filter the traffic coming to your site. So I recommend everyone to use ClodFlare on site. It offers both free and premium plans.

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Benefits of Cloudflare:

It stops hacking attempt and Brute-force attacks:
Cloudflare system works at Name-server level and filters out spam attacks. It protect your blog or website from comment spam, SQL injection, DDOS attack. So this is good for security for your site.

You just need to set security at low level to access site to make sure that visitors can access the site worldwide.

No need to wait for DNS propagation:

When you use Cloudflare then yo need not to wait for DNS propagation. You just need to do change the I.P address of server from Dashboard, and your domain name will start pointing to new host.

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Free CDN:

This is one of the major benefit of using CloudFlare. It is very easy to integrate. Cloudflare CDN will increase performance of your website or blog by almost 50% and make your site load faster.

Save bandwidth:

If you are using some hosting plan which work on hits, then you should work to save your site from spammy hits. Cloudflare filters out spam bots traffic and save a lot bandwidth.

Cloudflare also offers RocketLoader which Automatically asynchronously load all JavaScript resources and protect site from Email harvesting. CloudFlare also offers free SSL (Https).

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Important things when using CloudFlare:

When you change theme of your site then purge Cloudflare cache under settings and enable Development mode. If you are WordPress user then you can use plugin call Sunny to purge.

I recommend everyone to use cloudflare as it provide security and save bandwidth. I am using free plan.

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