November 07, 2017

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Service: Does Your Company Need One?

By Sona Mathews
Do you want to get all your content available at the best speed possible?

Are you searching for flawless, reliable, and efficient hosting for your Content Delivery?

It might be the best time for you to subscribe to one of the Content Delivery Network services, that is more popularly known as CDN .

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Service: Does Your Company Need One?: eAskme
Content Delivery Network (CDN) Service: Does Your Company Need One?: eAskme

The content delivery network is often known as a Content distribution network and is defined as a ‘geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers.’

Such a system aims to provide distribution services that are spatially relative to all the end-users to give them the benefit of high availability and high performance.

How it Works:

Such CDN companies are often associated with reselling CDN services.

As CDNs play the role of a layer in the entire internet ecosystem, the content owners like media companies and e-commerce vendors prefer to pay these CDN operators or resellers to deliver their content to their end customers.

These CDN service providers or distributors like edge cast CDN resellers pay off the carriers, ISPs, and network operators to avail hosting on their servers and data centers.

The Technology:

The CDN nodes deployed through multiple locations over multiple backbones.

The CDNs reduce the overall bandwidth costs, improve the page load time, and increase the global availability of any content that gets generated.


To accelerate and optimize a customer’s website, it becomes necessary to have all the static content cached either on the CDNs or his servers.

This is done by using HTTP Caching to allow the requested content to be transmitted to a user more efficiently.


For each CDN provider, their customers are of prime importance. They need to be assured that their applications and content would be adequately protected from cybercrime, be it hotlinking, content theft, or piracy.

In addition, it should be able to protect its customers from every other kind of unauthorized use.

The providers also guarantee their customers that they would have total control over their content and that they can secure themselves with all the security tools they provide.


A CDN service is there to help deliver all the videos to the customers in the best possible method.

They provide every kind of video streaming service like Smooth Streaming, HDS, HLS, HTML5, Flash, HTTP progressive with ease.

In most cases, they would be using HTTP Large Platform, Flash Media Streaming Platform, live event on-demand, and all other kinds of video content streamed to any end-user.

It seeks permission from the end user’s internet connection and the closest pop from that region to ensure the highest quality.


Storage is another benefit of CDN that each customer receives.

The storage place is fully secured, where it connects all the static and dynamic content to this lightning-fast global delivery platform.

CDN is also used to allow an end-user to receive all the customers' content directly from the server that would deliver them in the quickest feasible way.


For those who own an e-commerce site, CDNs help them achieve higher search engine rankings that reach out to more clients bringing in better business opportunities.

Other benefits of CDN service:

Apart from the above-said benefits, there are many more for a CDN subscriber to gain.

Their entire Site receives a boost with all the static and dynamic content load at high speed.

For Media and Entertainment, such services provide instant-on and high-fidelity music and videos with crystal clarity and sharpness without any splatter or disruption.

 It is also a good support system for Game lovers who get any game's static and dynamic content at super-fast speed.
The caching platform has developed an entirely dedicated game-tuned Application Delivery Network to serve the progressive elements of the games.

Summing Up

To sum up, a CDN service is one of the best solutions to those who work with a significant amount of data and to whom speed and quality matter.

If you own a content-rich site with a lot of static and dynamic stuff to be delivered, a CDN service could help you get what you are looking for.

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