April 06, 2020

DrumpUp Review: Content Marketing & Social Media Management Tool

By Sona Mathews

With social media marketing becoming a norm for all brands, social media management has increasingly begun to claim importance in the market.

New tools are being launched to serve various functions in simplifying social media management, especially for companies and individuals who have multiple social media accounts.

Considering the number of tools out in the market, picking the perfect one to suit your needs can be quite a task.

That being said, some tools are so intuitive and easy to use that you instantly see their value– like DrumUp, for instance.

DrumpUp Review: Content Marketing & Social Media Management Tool: eAskme
DrumpUp Review: Content Marketing & Social Media Management Tool: eAskme

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DrumUp is a cool social media management tool that can reduce the time you invest on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter by a substantial amount.

Currently available as a web app, Android and iOS app, and as a Chrome extension, DrumUp can be integrated into almost all the devices we interface daily.

The tool runs on sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms written to cater to all unique users intelligently.

DrumUp can help you manage multiple social media accounts, suggest relevant and shareable content from all over the web, and schedule your posts across social media platforms.

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DrumpUp Review 

Here's what you can do with DrumUp:

  • Manage multiple social media accounts across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

  • Receive shareable content recommendations based on keywords you set

  • Receive and use hashtag recommendations for Twitter posts

  • Schedule posts- custom and curated, to be posted at a time you choose, or an automatic, optimum time calculated by the tool's smart algorithm

  • Schedule posts on repeat cycles

  • Share the same post across as many of your accounts as you wish with a single click

  • Add and read RSS feeds of your favorite blogs and sites

  • Add images to your posts

  • Save posts to a "Content Library" for later use

  • Turn employees into brand advocates with the employee advocacy feature

DrumUp specifically benefits

  • Businesses that need social media management support

  • Digital, social media and content marketing agencies that handle multiple social media accounts

  • Professionals

  • Large businesses that can use employee advocacy to widen social media outreach exponentially

Getting set-up on DrumUp

The registration process is relatively quick and easy.

What you've to do is log in to either your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account and then click on the corresponding button on the DrumUp home page.

You begin by picking keywords that describe the kind of content suggestions you want, and then you're set to share!

Get started and make the most of your social media presence!

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Screenshots of the App:

1. DrumUp
DrumpUp Review : eAskme

2. Choosing keywords for custom content suggestions

DrumpUp Review : eAskme

3. Advanced post scheduling
DrumpUp Review

4. Saving posts to the content library
DrumpUp Review : eAskme