July 15, 2016

How to Become Asia's Sexiest DJ

In the series of "Jobs and Careers", people have asked me many times how to become a DJ? or is it profitable to become DJ in India?

There was a time when people only dream a man as a DJ. But now women are dominating this profession. So there is no objection for a woman to become a DJ.
How to Become Asia's Sexiest DJ: eAskme
How to Become Asia's Sexiest DJ: eAskme

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Do you also wants to become a DJ? Do you know that being a DJ is a very sexy and lucrative job? DO you also know the name of the Asia's sexiest DJ, Angie Vu Ha. She is that much popular that she earns much more than the thinking of a common DJ.

Become Asia's sexiest DJ : eAskme
Become Asia's sexiest DJ : eAskme
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How to Become Asia's sexiest DJ

The very first thing which I am going to tell you is to become a DJ music should be your passion. If you understand the mixing and sound perfectly only than you can be a professional DJ.

To become a professional DJ either you can join a DJ group or join a studio which offers DJ course.

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Work Opportunities as a DJ

There are many opportunities for a DJ. It is not a seasonal work anymore. 

You can work as:
  • DJ for events
  • DJ for radio
  • DJ for clubs
  • DJ for discos
  • DJ for private parties
  • DJ for colleges
To become a DJ you also need to look good and have positive attitude to handle the demand of the people. 

You can start training yourself by mixing two songs where you think that the music will support the ending and starting.

I always want you to choose a career which you love to. Passion is the key which helps you to be successful no matter you are a professional blogger or Doctor or Nurse or lawyer or model etc.

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