How To Make Your Blog Sexy

Okay, so you want to know how to make Your Blog Sexy. Today I am going to share how you can make your blog and blog posts sexy.

How To Make Your Blog Sexy : eAskme

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Like every blogger already know that creating new content which is appealing is the soul job of a blogger.
Being appealing means that your blog should have attractive contextual and visual style which makes people to like your blog and it content and improve social media shares of the same.
Like many bloggers you may not be able to do it in very first shot. But if you know how to spruce up your blog and its posts and how to add "sexy" flavor in your blog for your readers and followers.

What Makes A Blog Sexy?

The word “sexy” is not just subjective.
What is attractive to one person might not be ok for another. It is truth that you can`t satisfy every single person and even the best content ever written on this earth has dislikes.
So I recommend you to focus on your target audience.
Find out What type of articles your readers like to read? Do there prefer facts, visuals, hard numbers or stats? This information helps you to decide which type of posts you should write.

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Now the question is, How you are going to find out what your target audience love to read on your blogs?
Well it is very easy to find out. You just need to look for another successful blogs in same niche to find out how they are doing good.
If you do not have conversion data then you have to look for user engagement to judge the popularity of blogs.

What you should look look for in a Successful Blog:
  •     Comments
  •     Social shares
  •     Are people talking about that blog or not?
When your articles become the daily habit of your readers then your articles will get maximum social media shares and this will boost your social media presence.
Users also get engaged by commenting on your articles, or facebook, twitter or Google plus etc. Users only engage with the content when your content is appealing to them.

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Have you ever seen a dating site? If yes then you know how people like the person they get attracted, this same happen when it comes to blog. If people get attract to your content then you will get opportunities to get engaged with them and have strong conversation, or social media chats.

Easy and quick methods to use:

Quicksprout: This is one of the most popular I love to follow. It allows you to check Social Media Analysis. It will show you list of posts according to the number of shares.

BuzzSumo: BuzzSumo allows you to search not only for website but also you can search for any keyword to check its popularity and you will get content based result on your search.

If you find out any topic which is performing best in your niche, then I recommend you to write atleast 5-10 posts around that topic.
But before that you also need to analyze about what is making that content so popular. You may find similar content on sites where that is already popular.

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Analyzing Popular Content To Find What Makes It Sexy

Examples of few posts:
  • How to create an infographic
  • How to make an optimized web page
  • How to use Twitter hashtags
  • How to write better headlines
  • How to format your resume
There is a huge misconception among bloggers that only long articles rank better. There are posts which are below 2000 words and still they are popular.

Always write content in sequence using headings and points.

Also focus on context, voice and tone of your blog. I always prefer to write as I am talking to you in real.

You should include following elements to make your blog sexy:
  •     Infographics
  •     Teach
  •     Brief
  •     Structure
  •     Use a 2nd person POV
This information is based upon the data I have gathered so there are chances that your information may be different in some cases.
Your audience may prefer long posts or videos. So it`s your duty to find out what your audience thinks sexy.

Tips On Sexy Blog

Sexy is subjective here. You will see some elements that are common in popular articles and blogs. They will improve visual looks of your blog and also make  content more intriguing and enjoyable.

Avoid large text blocks

Avoid long paragraphs. As they look intimidating with your readers.

Grab them with your headline

Writing awesome headlines is an art same as writing pillar articles. You can`t make every single headline to be at coffee shop. Look for your article and craft your headline according to it.

How To Make Your Blog Sexy

This is the world of visualization. Graphics, videos, infographics are in trend to boost user engagement for your blog.

Make your audience think

Put a question in every post for your readers to answer. Make them think and make them say what they want to.

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Focus on Audience

Like I have already said many times, to be successful your focus should be on Audience not just on search engine bots. Audience are assets of any online business.

Be Sexy and True at same time

It is good to be appealing but never overdo it. Focus on your uniqueness and personality.

Focus on above tips and that will surely help you to make not only blog post sexy but it will give your entire blog a sexy touch.

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