Brand Unawareness: Infographic

Branding is something that is necessary when it comes to making something popular. When a blog becomes a brand, everyone starts following it, gaining more followers and expanding its reach.

Brand Unawareness :  Infographic : eAskme
Brand Unawareness :  Infographic : eAskme
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But there are times when brands even fall into the category of Brand Unawareness. Let`s see the Worst social media goofs with this brand awareness infographic.

Brand Unawareness: Infographic

If your brand also falls into the category of brand unawareness, then it is time to fix the issues and create brand awareness.

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How to recover like a pro from brand unawareness: 

Own Your Hashtag:

Create your hashtag to brand it on social media; for example, #easkme is for eAskme.com.

Acknowledge human error:

If you blunder or hit your followers' hearts on social media, it is the right time to acknowledge the human error and apologize for it.
You will see a positive result.

No More Explanatory Apology:

When you apologize, do not explain, as most people take it as an excuse, and no one will care about your apology.


Creating brand awareness is the real thing you need to boost your social media engagement. The more awareness people have about your brand; the more successful your brand will be.

What do you think about creating brand awareness? If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment.
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