July 08, 2017

Secret List of Best 2.0 Sites to Create Free Blog for Backlinks

Haven`t I said it so many times that backlinks are of of the major factor when it comes to rank your website in search engines? Even after many changes in Google algorithms still backlinks are crucial factor to create a website rank better in search engines If you know SEO then you may already know that there are so many ways to optimize a website either offpage or onpage. SEOs have been trying multiple ways to optimize websites by doing on page and off page techniques.

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Secret List of Best 2.0 Sites to Create Free Blog for Backlinks : eAskme
Secret List of Best 2.0 Sites to Create Free Blog for Backlinks : eAskme
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On page SEO factors includes Meta tags, Keyword Research, URL optimizationImage optimization, content optimization, Robots.txt etc. Off page optimization means that you need to do optimization offside the website and it includes link building or you can say Backlinks. Directory submission, Article submission, Press release submission are few of the very common ways. But now a days there are so many things that you need to check before start building backlinks. For now only quality and relevant links are known as good links.

The restrictions on ways to create backlinks and latest Google algorithms cause the need of blogs which are created in really good way rather than directory submission. If you get a link back from a website with high domain authority in a really natural way then it gonna boost your website SEO.

Remember : Google is targeting Private Blog Networks. So make sure what you do, you do in a natural way.

How to make your backlinks look natural:

The easiest way to make your backlinks look natural is the link diversification. Link diversification is really necessary in order to make your backlinks look really natural. It is always recommended by various pro bloggers that you should get links from different resources.

Today I am going to share my Secret List of best web 2.0 websites to create free blogs easily. Then you can use these blogs to gain link backs to your actual website. It also saves money which you can pay to create blogs. let`s see the list on best web 2.0 sites to create free backlinks from high authority websites.

Sites                            PR    DA

Blog.com                             6      75
Beep.com                            5       72
blogger.com                        9       96
blurpalicious.com               2       61
en.sitew.com                       5       79
freewebsite-service.com     4       67
pen.io                                  5       71
page.tl                                 5       59
sites.google.com                 9      100
soup.io                                5       71
Tumblr.com                        8        98
wix.com                              8        92
webs.com                            7       89
zohosites.com                     6       59
wordpress.com                    9      100

Do share what is your strategy to gain backlinks from web 2.0 sites?
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