February 17, 2016

How to Build Brand for Your Blog in 2024?

Build brand for a blog is one of the most important thing for a successful blogger. Brand make your blog stand different from millions of other blogs. People can find same information of many other sites, but the reason they always choose one site is because that is a brand.

Jeremy, Darren Rowse or John Chow are few names of those thousands bloggers who are hitting million dollar blogging club. This all happen because their blog is a brand. So you should also focus on building a brand.

How to Build Brand for Your Blog in 2024?: eAskme
How to Build Brand for Your Blog in 2024?: eAskme
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A brand for your blog distinguish you with others and your blog gain loyal readers.

How to build a brand for your blog?

Building a brand is is a long process and it take hard work and patience.

Quality posts

This is the very first and important thing that everyone need on your blog. Articles are the product that you offer. Like other products your article also need to be of high quality. You will get appreciation for your quality posts. Write pillar articles with quality content, keeping focus on readers. This is the most important investment.


Today`s world is growing rapidly in terms of technology. So does the information. The information you share on your blog with your readers, should be updated always. Updated information attract visitors again and again. A successful professional blogger always write a lot and also keep updating old posts. Updating old posts also gonna help you to attract more readers and also increase your followers.


Stick to the niche. When a reader find useful information on your blog, then its sure that he will visit again, but for this your blog focus on one niche like make money online. As it will help them to remember you site and blog. Write information what readers are looking for and be consistent to the topic.

Never copy content

This is where newbie blogger make mistake. never copy content of anyone. Copy content make readers bored and they will skip your blog faster. So write in your own style. Read more and more to gain information. Copy content is also bad in eyes of search engines and they will demotivate your blog.

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Trust and Honesty:

lways write information which you have tested and updated. If readers find to a blog wit outdated or wrong information, they will surely never come back on your blog again. Always write well researched articles, take part in discussion to gain information.


Everyone need support. Visitors who come to your blog are tend to ask for support or answer of their questions. You should consistently support your readers and also answer their question faster. the support and enthusiasm will build trust among your readers.

Brand your Image associated with your blog

An image can say thousand words. Images should be relevant which help your readers to understand the topic. Create special images for your articles.

Use favicon, logo and banner to show your brand image.


The very first thing anyone notice on your blog is its design. A blog should be designed in nice way that it attracts visitors and also provide easy navigation to all parts of blog.

Final Words:

So these are the few ways to create a brand for your blog. If you do have any question or suggestion feel free to ask me. Do share your own tips to create a brand. Don`t forget to subscribe our newsletter to get updates in your inbox.