November 11, 2016

What Is the Main Reason for Un-Publishing Facebook Pages

#GiveUsOurPagesBack this hashtag has been trending on Facebook and elsewhere for more than a week. And for the right reasons. Facebook has unpublished over 3000 Fan pages or business pages for a very generic reason.

What Is the Main Reason for Un-Publishing Facebook Pages : eAskme
What Is the Main Reason for Un-Publishing Facebook Pages : eAskme

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Hundreds of millions of fan base are directly affected with no prior warning or reasoning or even a person to talk to on the issue. Yes, Facebook does give fan pages an option to appeal, but what you receive is a computer generated areply. In some cases, the appeal button itself is not working. There is never an actual person to talk to! Till date Facebook has not issued any official statement regarding their unnecessary action nor replied to any appeal.

Page admins started this hashtag in order to generate a response from the company, but to no avail. Some have staged to revolt a little differently:

Facebook so far –
This had always been a platform where your mom and dad and everyone you went to school with are on. Above all, you could even find that person you had been trying to avoid all your life. It was and is a platform where bad videos and opinions were promoted at length. Pretty bland.

What Is the Main Reason for Un-Publishing Facebook Pages : eAskme

 Interestingly, a couple of years ago odd pages sprang up on this platform churning out humor on every conceivable topic. And the face of Facebook transformed from a place where relatives post bad videos and racist opinion to the one where some of the funniest and dumbest concepts are born. Noticeably from then on new profiles on Facebook skyrocketed and people started spending more time sharing and liking these humorous content. Facebook became ubiquitous to internet users.

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These posts provided a much-needed break from the mundane vacation photos and whiny Facebook statuses. Users started viewing and sharing more of these posts and less from publishers.

Gradually marketers realized the value of the contents as one of the easiest ways to humanize their products, gain attention and brand their company.

With a huge organic results and user interaction, why is Facebook un-publishing these pages?

With hundreds of users asking the same questions, the reasons has not been disclosed officially. Though some social media experts are of the opinion that Facebook is trying to regain lost revenue on Facebook ads or it could be a system glitch. Then again there are different viewpoints being thrown in. read some of them below.

-    This is what must have happened. This platform is free for the users but funded by the value it brings to them.

According to Facebook’s stats, a normal user views approx. 300 posts per day but atleast 15000 posts are generated and shared on a daily basis. Thus Facebook shows particular user posts related to the most liked, shared or commented by that user. Primarily this happens to be the meme and other humorous content. Thus there was always a fight for audience attention and creative; insightful content is simply left behind.

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As a result publishers and businesses are unable to reach their audience making their paid ads ineffective. Hence Facebook is losing out on revenue via Facebook ads.

Unpublishing pages might be a way to show more sponsored ads to users thus making paid marketing a success!

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If this is the case, Facebook should come up with a better method of tackling this issue than un-publishing pages without any reason or notice.

-    Facebook may be facing a system glitch which is probably showing a particular page as a spam or posting objectionable content.

-    On the other hand,Mashable has been thinking from the perspective of a publisher. According to them, the news feed changes may spell trouble for the publishers.

-    However, the most genuine reason we found is‘wrong advertisement’. So if a fan page abides by all the terms laid down by Facebook but advertises adult content will be unpublished. Fair enough, I guess.

Conclusion –

Nothing much to conclude here, just that these social platforms derives its value from their users. If they frustrate these users the platforms very existence may get compromised. Least Facebook can do is answer questions and remove doubts.

What do you think, is Facebook right in un-publishing pages as per will without justifying reasons or even giving a warning?