November 08, 2016

How to Access the Deep Web Safely

The internet is a mystery world. The more you try to get indulged into it, the more surprises it offers to you. The vast sea of internet holds such aspects too which are not so usual to access and you can easily find users who have not even heard about it yet. If you are one of those who have not heard about the deep web yet then let me tell you what is it and how to access the deep web safely?

How to Access the Deep Web Safely : eAskme
How to Access the Deep Web Safely : eAskme
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The deep web is basically comprised of all those sites whose IP address cannot be seen or found out. Multiple layers of encryptions are used to keep the identity of the users safe. It is used by various government officials for the exchange of confidential information. 

If you do not have a clue about the safe access of deep web then here are some of the ideas through which you can easily access the deep web. This access is safe and you would not find any malware into it.

1. Access through Databases

·         The process will start with the help of ordinary search engine only. You would have to find a ‘wildfire database’ or ‘hip hop database’ or something like that.

·         Usually these databases cannot be search out by their links as they are a part of deep web. So you can find their front page with the help of search engine. 

·         You can make your query more specific by searching it through the search bar on the front page.
·         You can use the university or public library computers for the better access as they have abundant databases with them.

2. Access through Tor

·         This type of access is the most common among the users to access the deep web safely. The software named Tor (The Onion Router) is the easiest idea to access into deep web.

·         Firstly you would have to download the Tor browser. Download the version 5.0 as it is the latest one.
·         Keep your identity safe by clicking on ‘forbid scripts globally’ and then access the Tor browser.
·         Make sure to do not download anything from the Tor browser, not even a file of 1 kb or less or more.
·         You can easily access the deep web with the help of Tor search engine as it is safe and reliable.
·         There is only drawback of Tor that it is quite slow to use and may get hang sometimes.

What Next?

Once you open the Tor browser then you might get confused about the next processing for the access of deep web. At this time you need perfect guiding upon the fact that how to access further to keep your identity safe and unknown to others. 

The fact should be kept in mind that after the famous deep web site Silk Road taken down last year, it became more restricted to browse the deep web afterwards. Many of the sites alike were taken down because of their illegal activities. 

·         By downloading the Tor browser bundle you will easily get an ‘add on’ of Tor on the Firefox browser. 

·         Once tor will be activated then multiple layers of encryption will be applied on your IP address. In simple terms we can say that your IP address will shift from place to the other. It will make your identity very difficult to trace through any source.

·         You must put a duct tape over your web cam. No matter what you are browsing with the help of Tor, it is very easy that someone can hack your webcam and can access your identity through it.

·         If you are thinking that you can easily proceed with your illegal activities through the Tor then you are totally wrong. Because even Tor can be hacked.

·         There are specific browsers for the mobile users to keep their identity hidden while surfing internet through their mobile phones. However it cannot be trusted 100%.

A Step Ahead

·         Make sure that you are logged out of every single application before surfing upon the Tor browser. This will protect your personal information from being leaked. 

·         If you are a first timer then you must start from the ‘Hidden Wiki’. It contains the simplest navigation just like the Wikipedia. It is also divided into different categories which will ease the surfing for you.
·         There are categories like News/History, Commercial Services, Forums/Boards/Channels and H/P/A/W/V/C (Hack, Phreak, Anarchy, Warez, Virus, and Crack).

·         It is also possible that many of the sites on Hidden Wiki do not respond as they could have been taken down because of maintenance purposes. 

·         There is a popular chat service too with the name Onion Chat. This is totally anonymous and would not reveal your identity at all. 

·         There is also a deep web link directory named OnionDir which connects you to the interesting hyperlinks. It can also be possible that many of them do not deliver what they promise to be done.

Something New to Explore

·         There is a new version of dark web which has some functional and modified links attached to it. These links would lead you to interesting audio as well as video streaming. 

·         You can also find some social sites right here for the surfing as well as links for buying and selling too. 

·         There are still some old and famous sites for illegal activities which are promised to be back after they were taken down.


Now it is clear from the above ideas that how to access the deep web safely. There is no rocket science in it but just some technicalities which should be strictly followed and kept in mind while accessing the deep web. One thing that is totally mandatory is that you should not use this deep web for the illegal activities otherwise you may face some serious outcomes of it.

To know more about the deep web, you would have to surf it on your own. Make sure that you keep up with all the precautions as it is likely to leak your personal information on the deep web.

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