September 26, 2016

How to date a Russian woman

How to date a Russian woman : eAskme
How to date a Russian woman : eAskme
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It is an undeniable fact that Russian women enjoy considerable popularity among foreign gentlemen.  They are commonly known for their genuine beauty, kind heart and cheerful mindsets. Apart from that, they happen to be very loving and caring when it comes to serious relationships and marriage.  However, it is not only about moral virtues and beauty which conquer men’s hearts from all over the world. It is also about the way Russian women maintain and value their femininity.  Unlike Western countries, where women strive for equal rights, there is no Feminism in Russia. Russian women find it comfortable to be women and are not afraid of looking fragile and feminine. Probably, this is one of the decisive factors explaining why foreigners are so attracted to Russian ladies. In fact, if you really want to reveal ‘a mysterious Russian soul’ you should start dating her. In order to do that, you need to be aware of some cultural specificity and peculiarities of dating Russian lady. Here are few tips and essential rules which you might find useful and informative.

Be yourself

Commonly, Russian women are honest and sincere, that’s why they expect you to be the same. Talk everything out, and feel free to express your own ideas and opinions. Whether you are dating online or in person, don’t try to appear someone who you are really not. First of all, that might look unnatural or even ridiculous. And secondly, it can lead to unfortunate consequences, such as distrust and suspicion. Make sure that the woman you are dating gets the chance to know the real you.

Pay for dinner and drinks

In Russia, it has become a tradition when a man pays for his lady in a restaurant or café. While in some countries it is common to split the bill, in Russia women consider this as an act of tightfistedness. Be ready to foot the bill even if you have ordered only a cup of coffee and she has chosen the most expensive thing on the menu.

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Be a gentleman

Russian woman expects her man to be a real gentleman and treat her like a queen not only at home but also in public. She would gladly appreciate if you hold the door while she walks in or out or if you help take her coat off. If you are in a restaurant, don’t sit down first. Pull her chair out and when she sits down, push it closer to the table. Show your good manners and your lady won’t stay indifferent.

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Carry her shopping bags

In case you and your lovely female companion go shopping, make sure that she doesn’t carry too heavy bags. In fact, Russian women are physically strong, but most of them want to feel weak and fragile standing next to their masculine men. So don’t hesitate to take her bags and show off your muscles. You are doing everything right if she’s left only with her purse.

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Pay her attention

Like any other woman, Russian lady loves when you pay her constant attention. You could start by buying flowers. However, you have to be aware that an even number of flowers is known to be a bad sign and is appropriate only for funerals. So if you want to give her flowers make sure you buy them in odd numbers. Actually when it comes to paying attention and making surprises don’t wait for her birthday or holiday, try to be as creative as possible - and she will appreciate it.

We hope that this information can prove useful and helps you conquer a beloved Russian heart.