May 28, 2017

Personal Loans – Things You Should Know Before Settling for Debt Consolidation

Management of multiple monthly expenses and debts can get difficult with time. With all the responsibilities on your shoulders, it is easy to forget and miss some payments leading to high interest rates and penalty charges. Debt consolidation is the right and perhaps one of the best ways for you to manage all the expenses and debts.

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Personal Loans – Things You Should Know Before Settling for Debt Consolidation : eAskme
Personal Loans – Things You Should Know Before Settling for Debt Consolidation : eAskme
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Basically, debt consolidation refers to consolidation or simply rolling up all your debts into one loan that is simpler to manage and even cheaper.
It is important to note that consolidation doesn’t solve your spending problems and you should sign up for consolidation only if you are ready to change your financial situation.
So, before putting pen to paper, you should know the following about debt consolidation and personal loans:

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-       Reason for consolidation:

As mentioned above, consolidation is a way to get your finances in order. With a single monthly payment rather than multiple and possible low monthly repayments, you will be able to save money. You should also change your spending habits before and after consolidation.
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-       Your available options:

Debt consolidation takes two routes in most financial institutions. You can either get a personal loan or a credit card balance transfer at zero percent interest for a specified duration.

The offline or online personal loans will be secured or unsecured. Therefore, before getting the loan, your situation is evaluated. Secured loans attract lower interest rates compared to unsecured personal loans.

-       Effects on your credit score:

Your credit score determines the loan you get and the interest rates package you get. It also affects chargeable fees. Debt consolidation is afforded to persons with poor and good credit ratings, therefore, get your credit score before applying for the loan.

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-       Eligibility:

Before a personal loan is granted under debt consolidation, you have to be eligible. Some of the conditions of the loan may include scrutiny of the types of loans and debts owed, the total amount owed, the associated interest rates, and your ability to pay. You location is also considered and the billing address. Such information is important for a financier to know if you will be able to repay the loan or not.

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-       Authenticity of the consolidation firm:

There are many people and companies online offering personal loans for debt consolidation. Shopping for these lenders and consultants is the most important thing to do to save money and to protect yourself from being a scam victim. You should therefore talk to your counselors and review the online sites to know if they are credible. Trust your gut feeling when shopping.

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-       Consolidation will save you money:

Note; this will only happen if you are willing to make a change in your lifestyle. Go through your finances and get to the root cause of your financial troubles then work on changing that. The best plans have lower interest rates, favorable repayment rates, and shorter timelines that lead to actual savings.

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In conclusion, acquiring a personal loan through debt consolidation may ease your financial burden if you willingly turn your past financial decisions around. With lower rates and one monthly payment, ensure that you don’t fail to pay for financial freedom.

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Isabella Rossellini is a financial consultant running a debt relief and management consultancy firm. For information on online personal loans, debt consolidation, and credit management, check out her company’s website.