7 Things You Should Consider on Your First Date

What is the purpose of a first date, after all? This is not just a fun event. Yes, you might’ve met a wonderful man or woman but this doesn’t mean your relationship is destined to prosper. Most couples fail to survive through the honeymoon stage. You see, even though there are the signs of compatibility, you can’t make any conclusions too soon.

7 Things You Should Consider on Your First Date : eAskme
7 Things You Should Consider on Your First Date: eAskme
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First of all, this is a day when you can check out whether there is the chemistry between you two or not. Next thing to figure out is how good this dating material is for you. There are plenty of red and green flags but I want to tell you about the most certain ones – you don’t have to conduct a complicated analysis to understand. I introduce you to 7 critical moments to keep an eye on.
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7 Things You Should Consider on Your First Date

1. Is your new date punctual?

Are there even people who manage to be late for their first date with a new person? In fact, there are. Of course, there may be a myriad of reasons why it happens. But would anyone who is truly excited about the other human being be late for such an important occasion? The thing is that we usually do everything to come on time. This is what actually signals about your match’s respect or disrespect to you.

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2. Mind your partner’s manners

Most women want to be wooed properly and most men want to feel appreciated; this need is even biologically determined. This new friend of you may be the most attractive and welcoming on the Earth. But how exactly he/she acts towards you? Real affection expressed in small things like polite gestures, sincere compliments, and a keen interest in one’s life.

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3. Watch out how he/she behaves towards people around

There is another pitfall to be aware of: some girls and guys tend to demonstrate the best versions of themselves to people who they are interested in romantically. I wouldn’t say it is something unnatural yet in quite many cases, such an overly praising attitude might deceive you. Who is this dream lover really is? The way he or she communicates with other people you meet during the date will show the truth.

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4. Is your mate a good listener?

No romantic relationship will last longer than a couple of weeks if partners are unable to find common interests and build some kind of a bond via communication. Too often, we get attracted to people just physically and fail to think about their traits. If your date seems to be not curious about what you say, I’ve got sad news for you.

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5. If you remain hungry after a date, think about it

Imagine you have a long walk in some park leading a nice conversation – and then, your match has to home and you have to search for a place to eat. Not that this guy or girl was obligated to feed you. But why not ask a simple question “Do you want to eat”? It is just the sign he/she really cares about your comfort. If there is no good reason for your mate to leave too soon, the meal actually should be included in your schedule.

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6. Check out whether he/she is a skilled kisser

Indeed, this matters for your future success together. Sex is one of the most important components of a harmonious relationship so the entire picture might be ruined if your new lover turns out to be inexperienced. When your kisses are dissatisfying, your sexual life will likely be even worse.

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7. Was he/she sexually aggressive?

Yes, new dates can molest you – in particular, when they drink too much. And this is unacceptable. Unless you look for someone to hook up with but for a decent partner, you should stop this. Well, perhaps, they don’t even mean to hurt you but your preferences and views on intimacy are totally dissimilar. Do not anyone make you feel bad!

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Final Words: 

When you are planning to go on your first date, always consider these points. If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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