May 03, 2017

Effortless Searching on Smartphones with Google’s Very Own ‘Shortcuts’

By Sona Mathews
Google is once again hitting the news headlines thanks to its path breaking feature that was launched this Tuesday. With the objective of making the search for your recommendations and answers on smartphones much easier, Google has come up with its new feature called the ‘shortcuts’. Now you no longer need to think about the questions to ask Google’s search engine. Google’s novel feature called ‘shortcuts’ would be appearing as just a single row of icons just below Google’s search box.

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Effortless Searching on Smartphones with Google’s Very Own ‘Shortcuts’ : eAskme
Effortless Searching on Smartphones with Google’s Very Own ‘Shortcuts’ : eAskme
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Now you would no longer be required to think and then speak out or type any request. The new feature ‘shortcuts’ would be letting you tap specific icons for getting the weather updates, latest sports scores, movie show times, restaurant recommendations etc. The ‘shortcuts’ appeared as Google app updates on Tuesday, 22nd March 2017 for Android Phones, iPhone and even its mobile website.

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The Android app includes different tools like a language translator, currency converter and even an ATM locator that could also be summoned with a simple tap. The special Android tools are expected to make it eventually to the iPhone but Google is still not sure about the exact date when. This novel feature called ‘shortcuts’ is supposed to be Google’s giant leap forward in its quest for transforming its search engine into the secondary brain which would be intuitively anticipating people’s desires and needs.

Google wanted to make it really simpler for you to get recommendations and answers on smartphones without even thinking about what all to ask Google’s search engine. Google’s search engine garners these insights simply by an analysis of all your past requests and when allowed by you, Google tracks your location to get the insights.

The Knowledge Amassed

Based on the accurate knowledge that has been gathered by Google already, its new feature could effectively recommend nearby restaurants that serve the food that you have a fascination for and even list your favorite football team. ‘Shortcuts’ would also be demonstrating the smart way Google’s search engine is known to have adapted to its audience. As over 50% of Google’s search engine requests come from the smartphones, this California-based organization has actually adapted all its services primarily to the relatively smaller screens, apps, and touch keyboards, instead of websites.

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Earlier, Google had tweaked its own search engine for answering several requests with accurate factual summaries that were displayed right on top of the SERP. This was a welcome departure from displaying only the usual list of links leading to other websites. Moreover, voice-recognition technology would be allowing you to tell your request directly into a phone rather than typing it.

The transition has actually gone well and if statistics were to be believed, Google’s revenue got boosted by about 20 % last year and reached US$89 billion driven by digital advertisements on Gmail, YouTube and Google’s own search engine. Even though ‘shortcuts’ are not designed to display advertisements once you tap them; typically, Google is in the habit of selling marketing space every time any of its feature or service gains popularity.