March 27, 2017

What SERP Tells You About SEO?

We all know that data, tools, graphs, reports, metrics are the part of SEO and we love working with them.

But do you know that sometimes you can`t see the best information even when it staring at your face. The best information we always get in Google SERP but we still never realized what more it is telling us. Google SERP tells us how a websites getting success. This is much more then just securing a rank. It is a best strategy source.

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What SERP Tells You About SEO : eAskme
What SERP Tells You About SEO : eAskme

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Why Google SERP is friend of SEO

Let`s see the reasons why the Google SERP should not be overlooked
  •     It shows what type of results Google refer to display.
  •     You can see a variety of algorithmic factors at SERPs.
  •     Page titles, is one of the most essential factor of SEO.
  •     Relevant content to the search query.
  •     The more you understand SERP, the better your SEO be.
SERP is the powerful source of information for the SEO. Now let`s see best Actionable SEO Tips You Can Discover From Every SERP.

What SERP Tells You About SEO

Presence of the Query String or Keyword in the Title

Title tags are one of the most important on-page SEO factor which shows if a website is optimized or not.

When you enter a string or keyword to search then you should focus on titles of the sites that are displayed in search result. These title determine the success of site’s ranking. You can easily find how well other sites has optimized their titles.

Keywords are important but it dosen`t mean that you overlook other factors.

Lets see an example. Search for a query “iphone protector” and see the results showing the keyword “screen protector” rather than “phone protector.” It shows that Google believe that screen protector is more genuine answer of the query.

Significance of Keywords in the URL

Like titles, URLs are also an important factor of SEOs. If you see that your competitors are outranking you on some keyword, then you should chek the following.

Check the following:
  •     Does their URL have any of the keywords?
  •     Does your URL lacking the keywords?

Answer of these question help you understand where you have opportunity.

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Here’s an example.

Understand What Kind of Results are Favored

We all know that not all content are equal and Google search do not treat all content equally.

You should focus on that what type of content ranking best. This help you to understand that what kind of content you need to target.

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There are some complex queries that you need to understand.
  •     “how to use ____”
  •     “best type of ____.”
  •     “reviews of ____”
  •     “ratings for ____”
Now let`s see what type of results these queries show:
  •     “how to use ____” — markup, videos, detailed articles
  •     “best type of ____” — customer rating sites, in-depth review articles, sponsored ads 
  •     “reviews of ____” — highly informative blog posts, User generated content
  •     “ratings for ____” — customer ratings, articles on review sites, 

Lets see example of “how to use bluetooth headset”

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You will be surprised to see that even there is nothing branded in this query still brand Plantronics comes first in search because of powerful content.

Now see another example: “review of jawbone era.”

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Now you see some notable SERP regarding this content:
  •     Plenty of sponsored ads
  •     Top two results on review sites.
  •     Top results from Jawbone are user-generated content. 

How Keywords are Distributed in the Title, Description and/or Content

We already know that longtail keywords works better than short keywords and more significant. But sometimes Google look at query and find result in not exact manner for which we have searched

Lets see the example of “title tag keyword implementation” and you see that there is no specific long tail keyword.

If you focus on this result you will see that results are showing every possible combination of that query.

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  • “Title” is present as a keyword, along with “title tag”.
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  • “Tag” is present, but it’s sometimes paired with “meta” instead of “title.”
  • “Keyword” is there.
  • Result shows that “implement” is an important word. It appears as “implementation”,  “implement,” “implementing,” and “implementations,”.

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Results may vary from keyword to keyword. You should focus on how keywords are appearing in SERP — title, description, URL and content.

Find out if Sites are Using Structured Data or Not

You can easily outrank those sites which lack structured data and good news is that most of the domains do not have Schema integration.

You should use Schema.


Descriptions are the important part of SEO, because …
  •     They Affect click-through.
  •     Click-through affect search results.

Descriptions are the reason behind high ranking pages. Sites with powerful, appealing,  readable, and relevant descriptions usually rank higher.

Quality of description directly effect on CTRs, which in turn has an effect on your SEO.

Final Words:

Focus on SERP. You been away from it, then it is the time for you to learn a lot. So these are the best SEO tips what SERP tells you about SEO. Do share what you gain from SERP.

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