The Best Fitness Blogs That You Should Know

Now that you know the benefits of staying fit, it is recommended you keep tabs on how to enhance your fitness capability and most important: what is new. According to fitness experts, it crucial to read various blogs and filter all necessary information which is helpful. It is through such blogs you will learn more about anabolisants oraux en muslesfax which you need as a bodybuilder or athlete to improve your performance. Below is a list of top fitness blogs that are worth checking.

The Best Fitness Blogs That You Should Know : eAskme
The Best Fitness Blogs That You Should Know : eAskme


According to Steve Kamb, the founder of the blog, he is a leading example of leaving a fit life. After beating all odds to find a solution for a fit life, he decided to share his insights through the NerdFitness blog, which is seen today as one of the best in this line. It is dominated by bodybuilders, athletes, and people who want to live a fit life. Needless to say, the blog helps people achieve their fitness goals with ease using real-life fitness success stories and research.


My Fit Station is another helpful fitness blog that you should follow to create your own fitness journey. The site will guide you about the exercises, gym routine, eating habits, etc. It will help you work on the overall fitness.

Power Cakes Blog

This blog is one of the best as well, and it was started by a professional. Kassey Arena is a trainer and author who combines these two skills to write well-researched and professional fitness tips. She also focuses on helping people to deal with diet challenges. The blog also gets pieces from other women who have succeeded in living a fit life, especially through diet and exercise.  The blog is popularly known for great recipes like cookie protein balls and much more.

Fitness by Mind Body Green

Just as the name suggests, this blog is an all around insightful blog dedicated to giving you the information for a healthy physical body, mind, environment and spiritual life. The authors of the pieces that are posted on this blog gather their information from fitness professionals, celebrities, cookery experts and medical experts. It has a holistic approach to its work, and they cover a wide array of health and fitness topics like a guide to Kegels and how to stay hydrated during exercises.

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The Life Fitness Blog

This blog focuses on how to start a fitness center, or how to start your own workout schedules. According to most people, this blog gives insights on ‘how to’ articles and is a must follow for any fitness enthusiast, whether at amateur level or seasoned levels. Additionally, you will also enjoy their articles with other tips related to health and fitness living.


Any amateur trying to enter into a world of fitness will most likely have heard or come across Blogilates. It is a popular YouTube channel as well as an award-winning fitness blog led by Cassey Ho. She is so popular that almost anyone on social media knows her. She is associated with fitness for women, courtesy of this blog. The blog has many fitness videos you can follow, as well we recipes for a fit life.


As much as there are other fitness blogs you can follow, these are the most popular ones that many people follow because of their insights. Make a point of looking at them as well.

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