July 02, 2021

Top 6 Rules of Intuitive Dieting

There are rules for everything.

For example, you must learn how to exercise right to get in shape. Or you have to understand how different strategies work to bet at tonybet.com.

There are also rules you should follow to eat right. The key principles of intuitive eating are essential to follow.

Top 6 Rules of Intuitive Dieting: eAskme
Top 6 Rules of Intuitive Dieting: eAskme

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Fortunately, for the most part, they are pleasant. These are the main ones.

Forget About Dieting

This is an important point in overcoming stress.

You can afford absolutely everything, any food your body needs.

You don't have to limit yourself: food is your friend and helper, not your enemy.

Start there.

Make Peace With "Unhealthy" Foods

There is no such thing as junk food and good food. There is only one that you need and one that you don't.

Unfortunately, people, going on a diet, often simply forbid themselves this or that food, without even thinking why.

And where there is no conscious choice, desire comes into play.

What good is it if you forbid yourself a hamburger if you crave it?

One day, in a moment of weakness, your emotions will win out and you'll find yourself munching on fast food and then experiencing intense guilt and stress.

A much healthier way is to make peace with the hamburger, allow yourself to have it at any moment, but answer the question, "Do I want it? What do I get out of it?"

The hamburger will give you a little bit of fun and a lot of extra inches.

Understanding this, making conscious food choices is one of the pillars of intuitive eating.

Respect Your Hunger

If you are hungry, it means your body really needs proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Give it food.

This is important. Otherwise, when you decide to limit yourself, you are in conflict with your instinct for self-preservation.

And this will only lead to the fact that the starving body will start hoarding nutrients at the first opportunity.

And the risk of finding yourself in the refrigerator at three o'clock in the morning will rapidly increase.

Sensitive reaction to the first signals of physical hunger and quenching it is an important step on the way to a trusting relationship with food and yourself.

Respect Your Sense of Satiety

Notice how you feel when you are absolutely full. Memorize those feelings.

You can mentally measure your fullness on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is the feeling of intense hunger and 10 is the discomfort of overeating.

Try to imagine at what level you feel most comfortable.

Most likely, it will be a 5 or 6. Next time you decide to eat out, try to finish lunch or dinner at this level.

Respect Your Emotions

Boredom, frustration, anxiety, anger, confusion - each of these emotions has a reason. And food can't help remove them.

It can only mask the experience for a while. But in the end, you'll have to deal with not one problem, but two: both the source of the negative emotions and the consequences of overeating.

Respect Your Body

There are things about appearance that are up to us - that's a fact.

But even with all the desire, you can hardly, for example, reduce your leg by four sizes. The same goes for clothes.

Respect yourself, your genetics, your appearance, no matter what number the scale shows.


When you realize that your body is your pride and asset, you will sincerely want to improve it without breaking it over your knee.

And that's what will be the impetus for getting healthy.

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