August 07, 2017

How to Use Regular Expenses to Offset Travel Costs

By Sona Mathews

Breaking Down Monthly Expenses

That’s a pretty good deal; just pay off your rent or mortgage with your card, and you get a $400 credit.

You’ll likely need to fly somewhere in twelve months’ time; it’s basically like getting a free flight thrown in for free.

If you don’t have rent or mortgage, look for other bills.

How To Use Regular Expenses To Offset Travel Costs: eAskme
How To Use Regular Expenses To Offset Travel Costs: eAskme
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For example, if you have a $140 per month phone bill—that could be for two lines, or one line and a mobile internet solution—pay that with the Capital One card; you’re up to $420 of $3,000 automatically. How much do you spend on gasoline a month, $200? That’s to be expected when the national average is $2.36 a gallon. Pay it with the card, you’re up to $1,020 in three months.

If you spend $200 on food per month, you’re up to $1,620. If you’ve got a $20 haircut every month, now you’re at $1,680. Do you have any business expenses like a laptop or hard-drive?

Throw that $500 on the Capital One card and you’re at $2,120. How about mechanical expenses, or just plain fun?

If you spend $300 a month on yourself through fine dining, nights out at the club, movies, or plain old fashioned shopping, throwing it on your Capital One card instead of paying with cash could easily net you an additional $400 value right off the bat.

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When you can find credit card options which furnish rewards for spending, it’s like getting money for free.

You were going to spend that cash anyway. Most people spend far more than $1,000 on a monthly basis to begin with.

A Fluctuating Economy

Today’s economy is in flux, and if you really want to live comfortably within your means, you need to find areas of common expense where you can save.

Get that grocery store card that saves you a dollar on frozen chicken breasts.

Use your points at the fuel pump. Keep tight books and get the most on your tax returns.

Add in rewards that companies make possible through usage of one credit card or another and you’ll compound your savings while increasing your means.

You might want to use multiple credit cards and keep a running tally of your expenditures with certain forms of plastic. Play your cards right, and you can statistically increase your liquid assets.

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Additionally, when you pay your bills on time, this increases your credit score, which makes you eligible for cards that feature higher rewards.

Conduct yourself wisely and you’ll be able to jump on the wave of an upward spiral.

The key here is knowing where you’re at financially, and devising a system of monitoring that.

Get $400 In Airline Miles For Free

Travel can be real expensive, and defraying airline costs makes a lot of sense; especially if you travel a lot.

Thankfully, there are diverse credit card options out there which allow you to save money on travel through regular expenses.

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According to Best.CreditCard, when it comes to top credit cards for airline miles, the Capital One Venture Rewards credit card stands out: “Spend $3,000 in the first three months and you’ll get 40,000 miles on your card. That’s $400 you can spend on travel.”

Use Any Means Necessary To Organize

Even if it means writing an expense down on your hand for later entry into a spreadsheet, if it helps keep your finances in order, it’s worth it.

Look around to see what credit card rewards are available out there. The likelihood is, the options available to you could be surprising.