August 07, 2017

A Complete Guide to Melanotan Tanning Peptide

Lying in the sun all day and visiting indoor tanning beds are the best ways to get a tan, but it carries certain risks with them like the chances of getting skin cancer due to exposure to the UV rays. However, is there any other safe way to get a perfect tan? The answer is yes. Melanotan Tanning Peptide is the safest way to get a tan without the risk of UV rays.

A Complete Guide to Melanotan Tanning Peptide: eAskme
A Complete Guide to Melanotan Tanning Peptide: eAskme
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Varieties of Melanotan Tanning Peptide

Varieties of Melanotan Tanning Peptide: eAskme

There is a huge range of Sunless tanning methods to choose from, namely:
  •     Foam - The biggest advantage of using a sunless tanning foam is that it helps to cover the skin easily unlike lotions and spray. At the time of application, in case you miss an area, it is easy to notice and is unlikely to get a streak.

  •     Lotion - It is the most preferred type of sunless tanning and we will tell you why. It contains SPF, i.e., sun protection which helps you to be tension free about the UV rays. An added advantage is that it also moisturizes your skin. Who wouldn’t like a soft and supple skin? However, the application is not as easy as foam, if not done properly, there are chances of getting a streak.

  •     Spray - Tanning salons mostly use sprays. As experience is required to use the spray properly, it is better to avoid using it on your own. Also, the spray doesn’t suit people with dry skin. 
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Things to know before going for Sunless tanning spray

 Things to know before going for Sunless tanning spray: eAskme

  •     To get better results, it is always better to remove unwanted hair and exfoliate the skin nicely.
  •     Ensure that your skin is not wet at the time of using spray.

  •     To keep the natural color in your eyebrow, apply Vaseline before going for spraying.

  •     Before beginning the spraying, protect your hands and legs by using gloves.

  •     After completing the spraying, wipe off your wrists, elbow, knees and top of the feet, as they are sensitive areas and may change into a strange color.

  •     Clean your hands nicely with warm water and soap after finishing spraying to keep the chances of your hands getting a strange color.

  •     Dry the areas that you have sprayed with a hairdryer.

  •     Relax your muscles while getting the spray tan.

  •     Avoid getting wet or sweating and going for waxing before having your first shower after the spray. 
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After Sunless tanning

After going in for sunless tanning, avoid the following:
  •     Do not dry yourself by wiping rather pat dry

  •     Only after your tan is off, go for medical treatments for your acne.

  •     Use your SPF while going out in the sun. It is highly recommended to wait a day after getting a tan to go out and also to take a plunge in the sea or pool.

  •     Avoid face washes with Salicyclic acid and washing your face frequently.

  •     For better results, limit shaving your hands and legs.


As there are various methods of sunless tanning, you can choose the best suitable one for you. However, after getting the tan, it’s always better to take these aforementioned precautions and make your tan last longer.

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