Charge Your Smartphone 5Times Faster with Samsung Graphene Ball Batteries

Charge your Phone Battery 5 times Faster with Samsung's 'graphene ball' battery tech

Have you ever charged your smartphone in less than 15 minutes?

Do you think that I am walking into a dream?

Well even if you think it is my dream, it is the time to say that my dream is coming true now.

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Samsung battery research department has said that there will be some significant improvements in Samsung technology.

Graphene Ball technology: Everything you need to know:

Samsung is a Korean electronic giant. Samsung has developed battery material they called "graphene ball."

According to Samsung, batteries made with graphene ball charge five times faster than the traditional batteries. A battery that takes 1 hour to charge will charge in 12 minutes if made by graphene ball.

Charge Your Smartphone 5Times Faster with Samsung Graphene Ball Batteries: eAskme
Charge Your Smartphone 5Times Faster with Samsung Graphene Ball Batteries: eAskme
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Graphene ball also boosts the battery capacity by 45% which is pretty impressive.

Super fast charging and increased capacity may have some severe involvement with all the battery based products.

When can you expect the batteries developed using Graphene Ball:

The news about graphene ball is everywhere, but no one can accurately tell the date when Samsung finally launch the batteries made by graphene ball.

The reason is that it is still in research phase.

It has also said that graphene ball batteries are highly stable and can bear even at 60-degree Celsius temperature.

I must say that I am very eagerly waiting for the graphene ball batteries that it will be a revolution in the smartphone or I can say battery technologies.

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Are you also waiting for fast batteries? or Are you satisfied with what you have?

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