March 05, 2024

Google Search Console Available to All Sites

Do you know what Google is? What a silly question!

Google is the biggest search engine, giant. It is not just improving the user experience but also helping webmasters to make their site effective.

Keeping that in mind, Google has made the new Google search console available for all the websites. You need to know that it is a beta version.

New Google Search Console Now Available to All Sites: eAskme
New Google Search Console Now Available to All Sites: eAskme
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Last month Google has launched the new search console. The best feature that you may find helpful in this new search console is the detail of 16 months data. Earlier it was 3 months.

Why Google made Google Search Console available for all sites?

Google says that the changes made to Google search console are according to the feedback given by Google search console users. They have also included the feedback they received from Submit feedback button and feedback from Google help forums.

Issue with Google Search Console for Indexed pages

Google Search Console is Beta version:

Google has said that it will keep on testing new search console design to improve the user experience. It is a beta version so it is sure that there will be many changes coming to your way to use Search console.

Migrating Data:

Google is working on migrating all the relevant data to the new Google search console. Right now it is not showing all the data of classic version. Google has cleared that the remaining data will be migrated soon or it will be there as another report.

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