February 27, 2018

Neighborly Necessities - The 7 Steps of Hosting a Community Event

If you plan to host a community event, you need to make sure that you are fully prepared to do so. It’s an overwhelming task when you start to consider all of the moving parts, it can be complicated and certainly requires a lot of attention to detail.

However, with the right preparation, there’s no reason your community event can’t be a roaring success.

Neighbourly Necessities - The 7 Steps of Hosting a Community Event: eAskme
Neighbourly Necessities - The 7 Steps of Hosting a Community Event: eAskme
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When it comes to your community event, you will need to think about where you will hold the event itself, whether anyone has any allergies to foods, and what activities you want to be available for those who attend.

Below, you will find a helpful 7-step guide on what to do to create a fun and exciting atmosphere for your community event.

Plan for How Many Will Attend

This can be difficult to do at first because you never know how many people will attend. If this is your first event, then fewer people will likely attend than if this was your third year doing this.

Try to look at trends in the area for event attendance and estimate how many community residents you think will be in attendance. You could always have guests RSVP first before the remaining steps.

Locate a Space

You will need to locate an event space that is able to handle your guests and the type of guests you will have. For example, if you plan for the event to be family friendly, pick a place where kids are able to have fun too. Use table liners cheap to give it impressive look.

Organize Some Entertainment

Think about a photo booth hire in Sydney. Have fun with it. You want your guests to enjoy their time at your community event and you don’t want them to just sit around. Get people up out of their seats, have them interact with each other and create a talking point.

A photo booth is a great idea because it allows both children and adults to have fun with their family and friends. Activities that allow everyone to interact together always lead to a more fun, engaging party and a better atmosphere overall.

Think about Food and Vendors

You will need to think about what type of food you will serve at your community event and how much food you need to prep and serve.

You should also consider whether the food will be free or for purchase and if any vendors are required. If they are, you will need to start planning for them right away, as the best vendors can be booked out well in advance.

Determine if Security is Needed

If you have a large community, then you may want to consider having security at the event. While it is not always needed, you may want to have some security in place as an extra precaution, especially if there will be traffic in the area, people leaving their cars unattended or alcohol being served.

Promote Your Event

Don’t forget to promote your event as much as possible. You want a ton of people to show up, but no one will know about the event unless you tell them. 

Don’t hesitate to share the event on social media, the local radio, in the local paper, or anywhere else you feel it will get coverage.

Consider a Special Guest Performance

As we mentioned above, you will need to make sure that you have some entertainment for everyone to enjoy. 

At a community event, it’s often a good idea to consider having a special guest speaker or performance at the end of your event too. This will encourage people to stick around until the end and will create a buzz about your event.

Have Fun and Enjoy Your Community Event

Community events are fun, and they are a wonderful way for everyone to come together and enjoy a good time. It’s important that you make sure you plan properly for the event or you may run into some major hiccups along the way.

Take some time to truly think about your community as a whole and determine what everyone would enjoy and then go with what feels right. You’ll soon be on your way to organizing an event to remember.