February 26, 2018

The Digital Leak: How To Capitalise on Digital Marketing's Growing Influence in the Offline World

Effective marketing takes advantage of both online and offline initiatives. In fact, cross channel marketing has blended the concepts of online and offline influence, in ways that have never been explored before.

The Digital Leak: How To Capitalise on Digital Marketing's Growing Influence in the Offline World: eAskme
The Digital Leak: How To Capitalise on Digital Marketing's Growing Influence in the Offline World: eAskme

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Every successful digital marketing agency, knows that an effective marketing strategy uses offline and online marketing techniques to amplify the counterpart's efforts. This focus leads to multi-faceted and well rounded campaigns.

Let’s take a look at key ways that your business can capitalize on the growing influence of digital marketing in the offline world.

Adapt and Diversify

The rise of new technology presents opportunities to adapt technology to offline devices. For digital marketers, this has resulted in a change in customer behavior, with consumers now demanding more control, more options and more convenience.

This offers opportunities to expand cross-channel strategies, by adapting to the changes in consumer behaviours. Cross-channel marketing using television platforms, is a prime example of successful integration between online and offline marketing approaches.

A Google study shows that viewers are spending more time using their television sets to watch online videos. The use of television sets as an online device rather than a channel, has been spearheaded by online viewing platforms including Netflix.

These platforms and interactive online ads, are key ways to capitalize on digital marketing's influence in the offline sector.

Drive Event Attendance

There is no stronger connection than being with a person in real, face-to-face communication. Events and other physical channels are therefore key to many businesses. Any brand that has tried to promote an event, knows it’s not always easy to get the word out. Offline event attendance can therefore be bolstered online, through the strategic use of online channels.

Arranging a conference is a typical offline branding idea, but savvy digital marketers are finding new ways to bring it into the online world.

For example, using Twitter and hashtags to drive publicity to an offline event, has proven to be a powerful tool of public engagement at no extra cost.

Blend Online and Offline Opportunities

They key to successfully capitalizing on digital and offline marketing opportunities, is to create a cohesive outreach strategy.

For example, while print publications lack the benefits of SEO optimization, obtaining relevant placements in industry magazines and journals will help increase your brand visibility and showcase your expertise. They also provide an opportunity to direct your target customers to your online channels.


In order to capitalize on the influence of digital marketing, it is important to ensure that your offline strategies compliment your digital efforts and are consistent throughout.

Some important things to consider when creating a online and offline marketing portfolio are:
  • Do your strategies carry the same message?       
  • Are your website and social media addresses included in all of your offline materials?   
  • Are both mediums tailored to your customer base?       
  • Are your offline materials appropriate for your target audience?       
  • Do your offline ads have the same look and feel as your website and other digital campaigns?    
Considering these important factors, ensures marketing consistency throughout your campaigns. This leads to an increase in brand identification, which is crucial to the success of any multi-faceted marketing approach.
Are you are making the best of the modern marketing opportunities available to you? Research shows that 40% of people searching online will buy after being influenced by offline marketing. Technology growth has led to a world in which the online and offline worlds are becoming increasingly integrated through social network channels and interactive applications.

If you are like many of the businesses who are ploughing all of their energy into an online presence, it's time to take a step back and capitalize on digital marketing's influence in the offline world.