March 22, 2018

Meet JK Rowling to Help You Stay Away from the Cheap Essays

Tips from Celebs: JK Rowling Shares Writing Tips for Struggling Students

Meet JK Rowling to Help You Stay Away from the Cheap Essays : eAskme
Meet JK Rowling to Help You Stay Away from the Cheap Essays : eAskme
If they say it’s impossible to become a moneybag through writing alone, make sure to say two words – JK Rowling. You know this woman. You know the story of a little wizard, who won the hearts of kids and adults all over the globe.

One of the most successful and famous authors of the past two decades has something to say to inspire both professional writers and college students, who struggle with every other essay or book review writing assignment.

Rule #1: Work & Discipline

You have to work hard on every book report, term paper or essay writing assignment you face. It is all about self-discipline and constant engagement in what you do. Just like many other college and university students, you don’t always feel like writing essays.

We certainly don’t see our muse always walking here and there, which is why we may require some competent help.

Obviously,  we can get in touch with the skilled custom writers available at one of those cheap essay writing services and ask them “Please, help me to write my project fast and as required by the college tutor.” But let’s face it, to be a good writer (for a college level, at least), you must train yourself to write even when you’re hating it. Coping with these moments really matters.

Rule #2: Write What You Know

More often than not, college students are allowed to pick the topics for their essays. If you’re lucky to be among those, make sure to write about what is close to your heart: your pals, your interests, your passions, family and even that cheap dress you’ve just bought will be a part of your story when you’re writing.

This doesn’t mean you should experience nuclear physics in order to write about it. It means that writing about something you’ve dealt with will be stress-free. 

 Rule #3: Read, Read & Read

One of the tips JK Rowling is happy to share with the aspiring writers is that they have to read as much as they can. Take your favorite books and you will be in a good company of a huge arsenal of beautiful words. 

The more you read, the bigger your own assortment of word combinations, metaphors and parabolas will be. The more you read, the better essays you’ll compose for college. 

It’s like learning more chords or difficult moves to impress the audience with your talent later.

Rule #4: Don’t Be Afraid

Even JK Rowling finds it extremely difficult to finish what you’ve started. At the same time, the author of all seven Harry Potter books insists on the importance of starting. Many college students have the so-called fear of failure that sometimes stops them every time they’re about to take a pen. But according to Rowling, every delay like that is a failure itself.

Of course, failure is an inevitable part of our life – whether we like it or not. We’re not living in a perfect world, but there’s always a choice before us. Rowling’s recommendation here is closely related to her solid commitment to finishing every story she starts.

 According to the British novelist, producer and screenwriter, even in the darkest times every writer can jot down at least 2-4 ideas in a simple plan; consider some topics and characters he or she would be happy to explore. Ponder over the stories you think people would be interested to read and write down the major points in the story go. And don’t be afraid to…

Still don’t know where to begin your writing journey? Approach the other famous writers to get a word of wisdom. Or, as an alternative, search for any essays or reviews writing service available online, where they offer a free database of the papers’ samples accomplished by the company specialists for needy students.

Top-notch projects on all possible topics and disciplines are at your service and will be raw materials when you start working on your own piece.