October 25, 2018

How to Choose a Good Hosting Plan?

In this blog, I am going to explain the ways that you can follow while buying any hosting plan. So stick to this article till end as the points that I have covered in this article are very important from my point of view.

Whenever we buy a domain for our website we directly ponder of hosting. We are all confused about hosting because there are many hosting companies in the market who offers free domain with hosting, free hosting and many such features as we go through. Whenever we buy a hosting plan, there are many factors which we should consider.

How to Choose a Good Hosting Plan?: eAskme
 How to Choose a Good Hosting Plan?: eAskme

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When we have a website and think of switching to other hosting service, we think twice as we had a bad experience with previous company in terms of service. So there are four factors which we should keep in mind while buying any hosting plan.
The questions may arise in your mind that
  • Which Hosting Service should I go for?
  • How to migrate to other hosting service?

4 Factors that you should keep in mind while buying a good hosting plan:

1.    Reliability :

If you are going to launch a business website, then it’s very important for you to choose a best hosting plan for your website as your website is going to rely on it.
  • Uptime needs to be 99.95% :
High uptime ensures your visitors about the uploading time required for your website, which eventually results to sales or conversion. With high uptime the users can have a good surfing experience on your site which leads to signups.
  • Excellent Support  :
Whenever you buy a hosting plan you look for the support from their technical team. Do all companies provide support?

The answer is YES!

Nowadays, all hosting companies in the market provide technical support to their client. But do you get a satisfactory support?

The answer would be NO!

So, while choosing any hosting plan just go through their reviews on Google and testimonials of their customers on the website and take their opinion.

2.    Quality :

Not every hosting service provider offers service with quality. But there many such companies in market which offer quality service. I can’t cover everything but always remember with good hosting provider always offers choice of features such as cPanel, MySQL (add one or two more features) and many more.

3.    Flexibility :

When you are on the verge of growing your business then you look for a better hosting plan for your website.

Always ask the below questions while buying any hosting plan:
  • How easily can I upgrade my hosting plan in future?
  • What is the cost of upgradation of hosting plan?
  • If I want to switch my website to other hosting service how easy is that?
We should keep these questions in mind while choosing any hosting plan for our domain.

4.    Price :

You look for such a hosting company that offers service at affordable cost or that suits your budget. Nowadays, all hosting companies offer services at cheap price as the competition is at crowning.
So, to make you feel relax and reduce your headache, I have suggested one of the companies that offers all these four factors such as MilesWeb.

MilesWeb Hosting Service:

MilesWeb is one of the companies that offer all these four factors that you are looking for. They deliver great results to their customers in terms of service, flexibility, reliability and pricing. Their priorities are their customers as well as excellent technical support (24*7*365 days), 99.95% Uptime and 30 Day Money back.

MilesWeb offers services such as Web hosting,Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, backup and even email security services. MilesWeb also offers you free domain with its hosting plan starting at just 99/mo.

How to Choose a Good Hosting Plan?: eAskme

MilesWeb offers three plans:

99 INR
204.30 INR
312 INR
Here, you can differentiate MilesWeb from other hosting service providers, so that you will get a clear view about it.

How to Choose a Good Hosting Plan?: eAskme


So folks, I recommend you to just go through the article and make your own choice as per your need. Before reading this article, you may be confused about choosing the hosting services, but now, I hope you are clear about the services. I personally recommend you to just try MilesWeb once if you are looking for a quality service.

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