The Web Hosting And SEO Trends That You Must Know In 2018

In September 2014 the total number of existing websites has reached and exceeded the symbolic milestone of one billion for the first time. In 2015 this number has slightly decreased, yet increasing dramatically in 2018. Statistics have a unique charm indeed, but the reasons that decreed the success of a website are equally fascinating, if not more. Designing a website is nowadays relatively easy, especially using one of the numerous available website builders which indisputably offer handling good quality services. Yet it gets a bit tricky when it comes to understand and to deal with SEO, keywords and search approaches: a fascinating and challenging world which offers always new landscapes, but also a treacherous terrain in some respects, mutable and requiring a constant attention to keep up.

The Web Hosting And SEO Trends That You Must Know In 2017 : eAskme
The Web Hosting And SEO Trends That You Must Know In 2018 : eAskme

Understanding SEO strategies and staying updated is fundamental!

Several available articles on the internet offer an exhaustive bird’s eye view on the most recent trends on web designing in relation to visibility, usability and relevance of the content. They give useful seo tips, especially insisting on few features websites should have to prove reliable, handing and successful.

·         Mobile optimization Mobile phones are becoming a sort of artificial and essential limb for all of us, performing a plethora of functions intimately connected with the today life, including mostof the daily netsurfing: every website should prioritize a mobile friendly version in order to be competitive in a more and more crowded and fierce market.

·         Mobile applications. The constantly increasing use of mobile telephones results in an increasing developing of mobile apps. Several research show how applications for iPhones and Smartphones are going to be preferred to desktop websites in a few years.

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·         Graphic media The static and elegant exquisiteness of old fashioned webpages is giving way to a more dynamic kind of beauty, where motion, fading images, videos and interactive implements are indisputably setting the benchmark for the latest trends in website designing.

·         Google, her majesty. SEO is the acronym for Search engine optimization, and a well-designed website cannot ignore google, the most used web search engine. Knowing how it works is indeed very useful to design a well-indexed website.

·         Local SEO Millions of web searches are carried out every minute in every corner of the world, looking for the more disparate services, news or objects. Many users’ searches are somehow related to specific areas, thus tailoring search results on users locations is one of the SEO trend for the future: people wanting a pizza or a bunch of roses, are probably looking for a place easily accessible from their actual location, and if your business is indexed in the local pages, your chances of being seen rocket, boosting as well your sales.

·         Socialcontents. Since the birth and growth of social medias, the online diffusion of the news has been constantly changing: the web versions of the traditional newspapers are giving way to a new kind of pages, lighter and more fluent, specifically tailored on social networks and blogs. The prevision for the immediate future is an even more importance for social content SEO.

·         Googleprioritizes fat contents! The new trend in managing search results is to put at the first ranks those contents whose originality, length, links to trustworthy sources and appropriate images can assure a certain substance, allowing surfers to have an effective answer to their search. By and large the minimum size of an article should be at least 400 words, better more, otherwise web engines won’t consider them as relevant enough.

With the huge and always increasing number of actual websites, optimizing the content of your pages is a must, a game changer for the visibility and the success of your work. Spending some time to learn the current SEObest practices can really be one of the best investment you can do in order to improve the total volume of your business. Many websites offer useful and in-depth tips on how to become a SEOspecialist. You can even go further: what if the SEO world would become a new scenario for further increasing your overall income? Why don’t make money using your skills, creating captivating SEO text for some company that offers essay writing services?

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