June 25, 2018

Interview with Professional Blogger Edijs Krists Kudors

Today I am going to introduce you with one more power blogger Edijs Krists Kudors. Interviews are the great way to know person, his struggle, life journey and achievements. It make all of us strong and also give inspiration to create our own world of happiness.

This is the new edition of powerful, successful and inspirational interviews in the series of Journey of a Professional Blogger, interviews on EASKME.com.

Today we are going to publish interview with a professional Blogger, Interview with Edijs Krists Kudors.

Interview with Professional Blogger Edijs Krists Kudors: eAskme
 Interview with Professional Blogger Edijs Krists Kudors: eAskme

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Q : Please share about yourself and your story to enter in blogging?

Ans : I tried a lot of ways how to make money online, but nothing really worked until I got introduced to blogging and affiliate marketing. I got introduced to blogging when I was about 15 or 16 years old.

Now im 23.

Found a great site called Wealthy Affiliate and started learning from them. Created my first blog about making money online, posted reviews about courses who " taught" how you can make money online and so on.

At that time I did not even know that there is such thing as Domain Authority, that I needed backlinks and great useful content. My blog pretty much was a complete disaster because a lot of the content was duplicate content and I thought that I am the smartest on the planet because no one else is duplicating anything and I am the only one who thought about this amazing idea. But did not know that is SO BAD that it is destroying my blog.

The only thing that was good about that blog was my landing page where I created a review on Wealthy Affiliate saying that I will help you become great affiliate marketer if you join wealthy affiliate and talked about how good it was to learn to blog from that community and so on.

Started taking courses on Udemy, Google, and Inbound Marketing started working as SEO and digital marketing specialist and here I am today as a Marketing Director at ClearAid and still marketing specialist in MarketMeGood agency and I am in the creation of my own online store.

Q.  How the idea to make your own blog came in your mind? How you found the right people to develop it and what big obstacles you faced?

Ans. I had heard that some of my friends' are blogging but, saw their blogs but their blogs was not the reason why I wanted to start blogging myself.  The idea came to my head when I joined a great community of people who were blogging and making money with their blogs as an affiliate marketer. They showed me that is the best way how to show your experience and help people learn from you and share the amazing experience you have.

And at the same time, I just like to write about anything, Love to make guest posts if someone is in need of an advice

I even at that time thought that maybe I need to start my own personal blog about my life experience, about my life-changing decisions, but still haven't created it.

I still have a lot of blog ideas that I want to make and I know I will create them. One of them is traveling blog. I love to travel and probably travel blog will be the next one after my online store is up and running.

So it is now 7 years since I am in blogging and digital marketing and helping other make their sites better.
Q. Can blogging really change someone`s life?

Ans: If you create an amazing content blog, with a lot of helpful or motivational content then it can change yours and your readers' life. They will read it, get inspired, learn from you and when you have helped and taught someone you know and received feedback that you have done an amazing job by helping someone learn something, you feel more confident about yourself, you see that you can give something back with your experience.  You just see that your effort is not worthless that you mean something to someone.

So it is a win-win situation for blogging. You can change your life with big income stream from your blog by helping and teaching others by writing a blog. 

Q. What are your favorite internet marketing tools?

Ans. I use a lot of tools and software that maybe someone would not call tools, but if I have to name my favorite then these are my favorite and I use them every day:
Q. What is your daily schedule? and how do you maintain your tasks?

Ans: My day mostly is spent at the office in Riga. At about 9 AM I am at the office, have a meeting with my colleagues about jobs that need to be done today and just start working. In a busy day, there can be a 10-12 hour working day.

I am using Asana to track mine and workers tasks, if something needs to be done, we add it to Asana and then everyone can see each other progress, what needs to be done and what has already been done.
Q. Blogging have different definition for different person. What is it for you?

Ans: My blogging definition would be: "Share your experience with others"
There is no point from blogging if you cannot give value to people. If your main goal from blogging is just money, then you will probably never be a successful blogger and never earn a cent from it.

Why? because your content will be based on earning money not teaching something to people. They will never spend their money on you if they see that you cannot give them value to their lives. They will never spend money on you if they see that you cannot teach them something that can help them do better in their business or on their blog.

The focus has to be on sharing your experience.

Q. Which are your favorite blogs?

Ans: My favorite blogs are mostly digital marketing and SEO related blogs like Ahrefs blog, Yoast blog and of course MarketMeGood but as I am making my own online store I have started to read some other blogs that can help me make my store better like Shopify blog. They have just amazing content about online store making.

As I mentioned traveling before one of the most important blogs where I try to find the best deals for my trips is TravelFree. This guy does an amazing job finding great hotels, comfortable flights for cheap prices. 

Q. How much time do you spend on social media promotion and SEO of your blog? 

Ans. Every day. It is not something you can do once and then forget about it. You need to post on your social media every day something so your readers see that you are active and have not forgotten about them.

And SEO it is just what brings you the right traffic in, right? So why stop optimizing your page why stop getting backlinks, why stop creating amazing content?

Q. How much time do you spend for blogging daily?

Ans. As we have a lot of clients that need high-quality content, blogging takes almost half of the day. Plus if we need to make the guest post somewhere and that is what we do ourselves. There are some days that are spent only blogging. We just sit all day and write blog posts for our clients or guest posts for ourselves.

Q. Message for Readers?

Ans. Don't ever stop what you have started. If you have started your blog and at one point you feel that you do not want to do this, then don't. If you blog about making money online and you feel that you should have blogged about traveling, then do it. Just create another one, but NEVER stop. Work then on both blogs.

I wish I could turn back time and start all over again. I had a lot of blogs that I just stopped writing. Probably they would be one of the most popular SEO and online money making blogs.

Q. What do you like about eAskme and how it can be more helpful for readers? 

Ans. eAskme has amazing reviews on SEO and marketing tools, that if someone has doubts about something they should go to eAskme, find the review and read it. There are a lot of great tutorials about social media, making money online, blogging.

It is a great blog for an experienced and at the same time for beginner bloggers.
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