Content Scoring: Why it is Important for Content Marketing Success?

Do you know what content marketing is? Maybe you do. But, do you know what content scoring is? Do you know how content scoring help to get success in content marketing? No, well don’t worry these are the questions that I am going to answer today.

The whole world is talking about blogging, internet marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing or many other names of marketing.

To get maximum out of your marketing, you create content such as blog posts, videos, infographics, etc.

You may have seen many marketers and SEO’s complaining that their content is not ranking or conversion is zero.

What is the reason behind this?

Have you ever checked that your content is capable of ranking for the keywords or have the potential to bring visitors or boost conversion?


This is the time where content scoring comes into play.

What Is Content Scoring?

Content Scoring : Why it is Important for Content Marketing Success: eAskme

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Content Scoring is a way or process to find out the potential of your content.

How you can do it or how you can score your content by assessing and quantifying its potential.
The answer is simple.

You can do it but tracking how content is performing for your business to generate leads or boost conversion.

Let’s dig more about content scoring.

What Content Scoring do for you:

What Content Scoring do? Content Scoring : Why it is Important for Content Marketing Success: eAskme

Know your customers:

Content scoring helps you understand buyer personas. The most successful content on your blog or website tells that what type of content can influence buyers. Once you know buyer personas, you can effectively control them with your marketing strategies.

Analyze actions:

When you understand the buyer personas, the next thing is to track the buyer’s activity. It is your job to find out what pages or posts or products your buyers find more useful. Which type of products or services attracts more buyers or buyers try to engage with which type of content.

This will help you plan a strategy that will make the buyers engage more with your content and buy more products from your business.

Such a strategy will help you to boost traffic and ROI.

Reposition the content:

Content scoring also helps you to reposition the content. You should keep the content on top position which has a high conversion rate. Keep the average converting content ad mid-level and rest at a low level.

What are the Benefits of Content Scoring:

Benefits of Content Scoring: What Content Scoring do? Content Scoring : Why it is Important for Content Marketing Success: eAskme

There are multiple benefits of content scoring.

Let’s discover them.

Content Scoring boosts the quality of your content:

When you score your content, you will spend time on adding value to already published content rather than creating post after post.

You will find ways to add more value to the content with good scoring or conversion. You can do it by adding infographics, videos, gifs, polls, etc.

Content Scoring improves your strategy:

Scoring content won’t give you results overnight. But, it helps you improve the quality of all the posts so that they can rank better and after some time improve the overall quality of your site or business.

The more help and engagement options you add in your content the more time visitor will spend on your blog.

Scoring content helps you measure user behavior:

Scoring content enables you to find out how visitors are engaging with your content and what type of content they not just promote but also want more on your site.

These help you to understand the performance of your content and reposition accordingly.

Leave an impression:

Scoring content will help you to create content that leaves an impression. When you keep the high ranking content on top position, it helps to attract more readers as well as improve the overall reputation of your site.

People find out that you are a professional and have authority in your niche.

This makes you an influencer, and you can easily influence the people.

How to Score Content?

How to Score Content? Content Scoring : Why it is Important for Content Marketing Success: eAskme

How to score content or how to improve content scoring rate can be your next question. It is a natural process. All you need is to follow some simple steps.

Let’s see how you can score content effectively:

Lead Scoring:

Lead scoring is one of the easiest ways to find how useful or influential your content is? As the word says for itself the content that generates more leads get more score than the content with fewer leads.


You may find it confusing to create a scoring model for your content. Let me help you here.

Create an excel sheet and write down weight, niche or field or product, attributes, keywords or queries, priority, and score.

When you create a list according to this, you will find out how your content is working.


Evaluation is the essential part of content scoring. Scoring content cannot be fruitful if you do not evaluate the results or data.

Keep track of your content on a daily basis and find out on which queries or keywords it is ranking. Focus on which content piece helps you generate more revenue.

Once you follow these steps, you can easily create content or content marketing strategy to boost organic traffic, leads, and conversion.

Now you know everything about content scoring such as;
  • What is content scoring?
  • What are the benefits of content scoring?
  • How does content scoring work?
  • How to score your content?
Now it is the time to find out how content scoring plays a vital role in content marketing success.

How Content Scoring Plays a Vital Role in Content Marketing Success?

 How Content Scoring Plays a Vital Role in Content Marketing Success?: eAskme

The whole world is falling for content marketing, but only a few can understand how to get maximum out of content marketing efforts.

Content scoring is there to help you in every possible way.

Scoring content provides actionable insight:

Content scoring provides you with all the details that help you find out where you should work on your content. It also enables you to figure out what type of content is some value or what kind of content needs some push.

You can quickly analyze the performance and decide accordingly.

Scoring Content Demands High-Quality Content:

Content Scoring makes you work on creating high quality, engageable and worthy link content. It pushes you to create content that not only satisfies your visitors but also attracts high-quality backlinks.

Gain Authority:

When you focus on content authority and work accordingly, you will create excellent pieces of content. This way you will tell the world how authoritative your content is and why people love your content.

This will attract more buyers and clients to your blog or business.


Content scoring is a natural process that improves the overall quality of your content, boost engagement, increase traffic, and generate more leads. It is easy to create the content scoring sheet and score your content.

Work on improving the content quality, and you will have everything to run content marketing campaigns effectively.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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