How to Win the Competition with Psychology?

Win the Competition with Psychology! Why? Do you know how to read a human mind? Well most of the people try to guess but still they don`t know the actual way to read human mind, how others think and what they actually do. The crucial thing about human psychology is that it changes person to person.

How to Win the Competition with Psychology : eAskme
How to Win the Competition with Psychology : eAskme
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As a blogger I always give importance to offer readers what they love to read and I analyze results to know what your readers want from my blog. Blogging is a competitive world and to be on top you need to understand how you can beat your competitors in good way.

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To win competition with Psychology you need to understand two things, one what your readers want from your blog and second what your competitors are doing.

Both things have their own benefits. Where knowing psychology of your readers help you serve best content, psychology of your competitors help you to beat them in competition.

How to win the competition with Psychology

Now everyone want to stand on first position, but we know that not everyone can stand teh same time at same position.

When you enter into world of blogging and want to win competition, the best thing is to understand psychology.

Today I am going to share how you can win competition with psychology.

Understand your readership:

I always say that your focus should be on your readers rather than just search engine bots. Readers are the most valuable asset of any website, blog or online business. To understand what your readers want from your blog you can follow these steps.

1) Install Google Analytics and analyze behavior of users on your website or blog. You will understand how much time they spend on your site, which pages or articles they like to visit most and where they get engage.

Now as you know these things start writing posts that make your readers more interested.

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2) Analyze Comments:

There are various commenting systems. You can choose according to your need. Comments help readers to get engage with your blog.

Commenting also help you to analyze which type of article get more engagement. This way can write more on such topics and offer what your readers already want.

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3) More Visualization:

Add infographics and videos to your blog posts as this will attract more visitors and also generate more social shares for your website or blog.

People love to share what they love to see rather than just read. So give them something to remember. The more your users get engage the more you will understand their psychology.

You will know what they like to share and what they love to talk about.

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Understand your Competitors:

To win the competition with psychology you also need to understand the psychology of your competitors.

You can use tools like SEMRush or Google Keyword planner to analyze keywords to rank better in search results and also analyze which keywords are helping your competitors to rank.

You should write detailed pillar articles on keywords which you see bring more traffic easily, means keywords with good monthly search and low competition.

These are the few tips that I believe help you to understand and win the competition with Psychology. You can read my helpful posts to get more help. If you have any question feel free to ask me via comments.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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