November 05, 2018

Master Steps to Use Content Marketing For Businesses With Low Traffic

I have already shared about What Content Marketing is. If you think about content marketing. You will realize that its not as easy as it first appears. It really isn't about creating or posting lots of content. Just creating content wont get you anywhere. So what will help, especially if your business in new and traffic is low? With the next few steps we will be giving a strategy that is effective.

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Master Steps to Use Content Marketing For Businesses With Low Traffic : eAskme
Master Steps to Use Content Marketing For Businesses With Low Traffic : eAskme
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Start with planning your content.

What does this mean? Nicely said it means it must be top notch as in really good content. So when producing endless content it isn't the same as the best in your class or range.

Firstly, now just take a few minutes, stop writing and think about what you are writing, why are you writing the content? What is your goal in writing the content and for who is it intended?

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Start planning your content. Remember your main purpose in the content you post. All your given content should fit into the few categories given here.

Asset that is linkable

This means that your content is in depth and it should be a great piece of work. Even when you don't get enough traffic at this time. Then it should be seen as a long term investment.

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Link Bait

Almost the same as assets thats linkable, but not as deep. Giving the impression of a novel. This means even when you don't get a lot of traffic you have to make sure people find your content.

Content that is general

As much as links can be good, not all content needs links. Some blogs isn't planned as seriously. These blogs are targeted at existing readers or anyone that see's the blog by chance.  But clearly this wont help in gaining traffic.

A post here and there that is made for your readers wont do harm. It may improve as they may feel you are talking to them.

Content that is long tail.

Again linkable assets is mentioned here. Why? Because long tail content is meant to be targeted with certain phrases or keywords. All this with the hope of rank improvement and some traffic from search engines. Content like this needs to be in depth and be niche.

The good news about this is that you can use a few phrases to get rank. It may not start of with great traffic, but with hundreds and more posts like that. All traffic will be added up nicely.

Start with building traffic

If you are in the situation where your site is new and you need to get traffic. There is ways it can be done. As mentioned is link building, as links will help in gaining new traffic and an added benefit is your rankings will improve too.

Yes SEO that comes from those links may be lower than expected but it still can be a great source of traffic. The other option for traffic is By building long gain traffic given through the long tail content you write.

It is advisable that owners that has lower traffic or has new sites consider using the given groups. Splitting the time between all groups.

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Start of by trying to use one, or maybe two assets that is linkable. But remember to take time as this is more a long term investment. It doesn't mean you will get instant traffic because of that. But as time goes on.

You can consider mixing your long tail content and your link bait. So that you have the benefit of creating niche traffic and building links too.

Also you have to remember to engage with your readers when they start to come to your site. It is good to make sure you have a variety as you may give the impression of endless streams of link bait.

Create relationships with your clientèle

If the words link bait doesn't sit too nicely with you. It is seen the same by many others. So lets approach it a little differently. Add relationship to this mix. Because you want to create relationships with your readers. So that your business is promoted from their sides too.

What does this mean? It will only be effective if people like you. So the first thing to do is make sure people know you exist. What you stand for or represent. So with that in mind here is a few suggestions to make sure people know about you.

Comment on blogs.

It is one of the most effective ways to create or build strategy. It may be seen as Spam because it is used and abused by many. But it is still used with two things in mind.

Commenting is the way to make sure other bloggers know about you while at contributing to their sites at the same time. Should we call this a connection as it may be you want to be friends with the person.

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Using Twitter to interact

Twitter is one of the best ways to interact. It is seen as the modern way to comment. If you have a blog that you follow or you reply to the given tweets you may start a chat. Also an effective way to make them aware of you.

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Consider Link Post that roundup monthly things.

Once a month it is a great idea to send some links to bloggers. Make sure they are aware of your newest and freshest posts.

You can also make sure your readers know about your favored bloggers and make sure they are available by link. This is a great way for traffic.

You can also make sure the bloggers know you did this. its a much better way than asking for something, so consider introducing yourself first.

Group posts interview

In a way same as link roundups. This is where a few bloggers get together and give their opinions on things. Ask a few questions or share a few thoughts. You can use all these comments and thoughts and use it on your own blog. It is also a very popular way to post. But don't forget to give credit to the blogger that contribute by giving a link to them as a nice thank you and a kind gesture.

Consider earning links

The first thing to remember when you think of earning links is given a few categories. But all comes back to one thing. Creating and building relationships.

Make sure your readers engage on your posts.

Some content deserves to be linked

Content that helps in improving relationships.

The golden rule is this. If you have a good relationship with people who can link to your content you will get linked, same for your content. If your content is good You will get linked. Easy as that. Creating the result you want. It can be a very powerful chain reaction.

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Making sure to keep in touch

Creating relationships shouldn't be the only goal. But maintaining it is just as important. If needed you can help them out, make sure to stay connected. Even when you have established yourself. So how to create relationships? If you are regular sooner or later you will be noticed. Regular comments, integrating on Twitter. Linking to them. It is all ways that can be used.

It is like life. Not everyone responds the way you want. But not everyone rejects the notion of you. Many will want to connect. Many will want to build a friendship. You will find that things will happen naturally.

When you do content marketing, you should also know the The Risks of Content Marketing.

What do you think of this article? Have you tried it? I think it is very effective. We love to hear from our readers. Feel free to comment.

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