February 06, 2019

How to Translate from Dutch to English Fast and Affordable?

The global economy has increased your possible market in a way that was not imaginable even ten years ago, smoothing the playing range for small and big businesses. Though, it does come with some problems.

One of them is the language barrier. If people don’t understand the text of your website, you cannot expect to make a deal. You need to provide your visitors the choice of a localized, and for that, you need translation.

How to Translate from Dutch to English Fast and Affordable?: eAskme
How to Translate from Dutch to English Fast and Affordable?: eAskme

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The difficulty is translating text from one language to another is not a natural process.

Word-for-word translation does not work because there are differences in language that get failed in translation. Such mistakes can significantly change the meaning of the message.

Following are the fast and affordable ways to translate Dutch to English:

Machine translation

Machine translation software automates the method of translating text from the Dutch language to English.

The primary machine translation software relies rigidly on word-for-word translation.

Some technologies add a rule-based or statistically-modeled translation for more precise translations. Machine translation tools interpret the text without human editing.

Machine translation is the best fit when companies need fast, affordable translations and accuracy is not of concern.

This software is used by translation service providers and is usually included in translation management software.

Google Translate

You don’t have to view very far from a fast translation tool.

Google provides a free tool named Google Translate to translate your business text or website content to over 100 languages quickly.

Just write or copy-paste your text into the box on the right, pick the language, and then select the target language. Hit “Translate” and copy the created translation.

If it seems too good to be genuine for a free tool, you would be mistaken.

According to The Washington Post, the precision of Google Translate is relative to human translators, thanks to its recently modernized Google Neural Machine Translation system.

Human Translation

When ordering professional Dutch English translation services, keep in thought that translation agencies offer various service stages.

The highest service stage is a professional human translation process, where the whole workflow is managed by a professional.

An excellent expert human translator has a unique understanding of both the Dutch and English language.

Good human translators are also qualified in a specific industry and have proper academic training for the job at hand. They can translate Dutch to English in an accurate and professional manner.

Translation is not only matching terms between languages: it needs a good knowledge of the subject matter so that the translation can be composed in a natural language which is at the appropriate reading level for the target audience.

DutchTrans provides professional human translation services for businesses and individuals around the world.

We are dedicated to always providing professional human translation, as machine translation is not yet sufficiently advanced to translate documents with the knowledge and difference that human translators provide.

We also offer a second service level: a combined software and human translation process. The initial translation is executed by software, and the result is post-edited by professional translators.

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