June 12, 2017

How to Teach English to Children Using Helen Doron English Method?

The Helen Doron English method has been used for over three decades for teaching children English.

In this period, the methodology has been used to teach English to more than 2 million children globally.

The reason for the popularity of the Helen Doron English method is attributed to its ease of implementation.

The coursework is designed to teach children English the same way they learn their mother tongue.

The model uses the same way children learn to understand and speak their native language before reading and writing to teach them English.

How to Teach English to Children Using Helen Doron English Method : eAskme
How to Teach English to Children Using Helen Doron English Method : eAskme
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The Helen Doron method for EFL was developed to make learning English much more interesting, engaging, and fun for children.

This ultimately makes it easier to learn the language as it ignites a child’s innate curiosity toward learning.

The Benefits of using the Helen Doron English Method:

This technique is founded on the fundamental doctrines of repeated hearing and positive reinforcement.

For the overall skill development of children, the impact of learning a foreign language cannot be ignored.

Using the Helen Doron English method can be beneficial in the following ways;

  • The small structured classes of 4 to 8 students help the students to gain access to one on one learning environments. The teachers are also able to give each student the required attention and also inspire a confident interactive environment.
  • The Helen Doron English Method strives to meet each child’s unique learning needs.  It takes into consideration the use of fun learning platforms like games, videos, movement and most importantly music to enhance the whole learning experience. This kind of an environment acts as a motivation for the children to pronounce the new words with ease.
  • The Helen Doron English method offers a comprehensive learning curriculum that is based solely on quality. The course also includes age appropriate provisions for children of all ages and enables them to have a grasp of the language as early as possible. The young children who go through the course are able to adequately benefit from it.
  • The teachers for each Helen Doron course and methodology are highly trained and competent to handle each child in the program. They have been equipped with all the modern learning techniques and materials in order to successfully teach the children. The teachers are always up to date with the structured pedagogic techniques that are highly essential to the Helen Doron English method. You are assured that your child will get nothing but the best and make significant progress in their pursuit of learning the English language.


The Helen Doron English method is a tried and tested approach to teaching language to children of all ages.

It is very effective because it gives children practical exposure to the English language.

It is important to note that for children, getting exposed to new foreign languages early will increase their competence level.

Aside from improving their skills in English, it also contributes to their overall development.

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