April 16, 2019

3 Fashion Rules to Follow in the Casino

When you are guest at a casino or any other casino, then you are highly required to dress in a specific manner.

It must be done not only to give respect to the casino’s request but also to give respect to the other gamblers.

Though every casino follows a particular dress code, yet more and more gambling sites want guests to wear some particular items of clothing.

Fashion Rules to Follow in Casino: eAskme
Fashion Rules to Follow in the Casino: eAskme

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However, as the word ‘casino’ refers to different things to various people, the dress codes to differ from one casino to another.

When you wish to feel comfortable and fit in as well as impress other guests then you have to follow some casino dress codes.

Dressing comfortably

As most of the casino floors need nothing but casual dress, so it is perfectly okay if you dress for comfort.

When you need lots of props while you are gambling, like notepads, pencils, strategy guides, etc. then it becomes necessary to wear something which has sufficient pockets.

Again, if you feel too cold inside a casino then you can consider having an additional layer which you can take off per your wish.

However, there are some things that you must avoid all the time, like;
  • Overly revealing clothes
  • Clothes that have offensive slogans or images
  • Clothes that conceal your appearance.
Again, you have to be hygienic all the time as you will be close to many people inside the casino and this is why; it is extremely important to be hygienic.

Casual Wear

For men business casual dress means the following:
  • A dress shirt, open collar, polo shirt, or a casual button-down shirt.
  • A seasonal blazer or sport coat with khakis or slacks.
  • The tie remains optional for men.
  • Loafers or loafer-style shoes with socks.
A woman is liberal to wear khakis, pants, or a skirt to a casino. Even if you have a perfect sari, never wear it at casino.

However, they ought to combine them with a knit shirt, sweater, or a collared shirt and additionally, they must make sure that they aren’t showing their cleavage.

Again, a woman should select to wear a cocktail dress or a more formal dress, but the dress shouldn’t be very short or too revealing.

Remember your cruise holiday dress is not suitable for casino.

The accessories

When the matter zeroes on accessories then there are many things that you can wear. You can put on a nice bracelet, a cool watch, and even a subtle chain.

Again, it wouldn’t be out of place if you wear a fancy tie, colorful socks, and a pocket square.

A belt and cufflinks to become stylish to a person’s look. Nonetheless, the only accessory is a tie bar which a man is forbidden to wear inside a casino.

Actually, tie bars are intended to be worn outside and their purpose is not letting the tie fly away at the time of windy conditions.

Until and unless you are playing poker, you need not to wear sunglasses.

But, if you have been suffering from some kind of medical condition then it would be considered as an exception.

It is also important to note that too many accessories are a strict no-no, and only three or four would be sufficient.

What is your fashion style?

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