Einthusan: 10+ Best Alternatives to Enthusan TV [Infographic]

Einthusan is one of the most popular and most reliable sources of entertainment to watch Indian movies online for free. The site is free. Like many other free movie streaming sites, you will find a lot of ads on this site. To access ads free entertainment, you need to opt for the premium version of the site.

Earlier the site was available on, But now you can access the content of Einthusan you need to register an account on

Einthusan: best Alternatives to Enthusan TV: eAskme
Einthusan: best Alternatives to Enthusan TV: eAskme

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Einthusan TV

Einthusan tv is top-rated as it not only offers Hindi movies online but offers you much more than that.

On Einthusan you can watch;
  • Einthusan Hindi movies
  • Einthusan Tamil movies
  • Einthusan Telugu Movies
  • Einthusan Malayalam Movies
  • Einthusan Kannada Movies
  • Einthusan Bengali Movies
  • Einthusan Marathi Movies
  • Einthusan Punjabi Movies
  • Einthusan Chinese Movies
Now you see that enthusan is a favorite place to find movies in different languages except English movies.

Einthusan is also usually misspelled as enthusan or enthusian or einthusian.

Einthusan best Alternatives to Enthusan TV: eAskme

According to Einthusan or Enthusan, it offers 100% legal entertainment. It has 4000+ licensed content from 9 India languages.

The site is continuously updating the database to add more and more movies in its database. It is the best place to watch movies online without downloading.

Einthusan apps also offers Android, iOS apps and support gaming consoles. You can also wait for their smart tv support.


Even when Einthusan is offering 100%legal content, still it is banned in some countries such as India.

To access the site, you need to use a VPN, or you can check some of the best alternatives to Enthusan TV.

Best Alternatives to Einthusan TV:

Today, I am sharing some of the best websites which are quite similar to Einthusan.

Amazon Prime:

Amazon prime: Einthusan: Best Alternatives to Enthusan TV: eAskme

Amazon Prime is one of the most popular online movie streaming portal. It comes with the trust and branding of Amazon.

To access Amazon prime, you need to opt for the monthly rental plan. But you can also start with 30 days risk-free trial.

It is a great place and one of the perfect alternatives to einthusan tv. You can watch all the einthusan Hindi movies, einthusan Tamil movies, einthusan kannad movies, einthusan Punjabi movies, einthusan Telugu movies, einthusan Malayalam movies, einthusan Bengali movies, etc.

No matter what type of einthusan movies you want to watch online, Amazon prime is the best place for you.

This einthusan alternative allows you to change the language of Amazon prime according to your choice.

Premium version of Amazon prime allows you to get the benefit of express shipping on all Amazon orders.

You can also watch kids’ movies on Amazon prime.



Boxtv: Einthusan: Best Alternatives to Enthusan TV: eAskme

BoxTv is another popular alternative to enthusan tv to watch movies online in high quality. It is one of the favorite places to watch movies online.

This site is quite similar to Einthusan, but this time the site offers a subscription setup box. It allows you to watch Live Tv and also provide video on demand.

You can access 1000+ Live Tv channels to watch einthusan Tamil movies and enthusan Hindi movies etc.

It offers a huge list of channels where you can watch movies in different languages such as Malayalam, Urdu, Kannada, Oriya, Punjabi, Marathi, English, etc.

Have you ever tried to connect Einthusan Kodi? No.

Then you will be surprised to know that you can use BoxTV with;

  • Amazon Fire Tv
  • Android boxes
  • Laptop
  • MAG boxes
  • Smart TV
  • Smartphones
  • Zgemma
  • Tablets, etc.
BoTv also offers premium support to fix any issue.


ErosNow: Einthusan: Best Alternatives to Enthusan TV: eAskme

ErosNow is one of the most popular legal movie streaming sites in India. You can not only watch movies on this Einthusan alternative but also watch Tv shows, music, original series, etc.

You can find Bollywood’s most significant movie collection here. This means you can watch all the einthusan Hindi movies on ErosNow.

Similar to enthusian movies it is a subscription-based service. You must register on the site to access the content.

ErosNow offers 50% discount on annual plans.



HotStar: Einthusan: Best Alternatives to Enthusan TV: eAskme

HotStar is another famous name in the Indian video streaming industry. It is one of the most popular places to watch movies, Tv shows, Sports events, news, etc. You can access most of the content for free.

Similar to Einthusan app, HotStar also offers the Android app to the users. You can access all the content using HotStar app on your android smartphone.

One of the good things about HotStar is that you can access all the content without registration.

You can also check the categories to find the best videos.

I love watching many Tv shows and movies using HotStar.

Hotstar offer premium quality entertainment for free. You never get bothered by too many ads like many other free movies streaming sites.

You can also search for your favorite movies and tv shows using the search option.

HotStart is the best place to watch;

  • Popular Einthusan Hindi Movies
  • Popular Einthusan English Movies
  • Popular Einthusan Malayalam Movies
  • Popular Einthusan Telugu Movies
  • Popular Einthusan Tamil Movies
  • Favourite Einthusan Bengali Movies, etc.
You will not find Popular Einthusan Kannada Movies on this site.

All the content is available in high quality which adds more fun to your entertainment.



Hungama: Einthusan: Best Alternatives to Enthusan TV: eAskme

Hungama is one of the most popular Indian websites to enjoy music and videos online.

It is also a favorite place to watch Movies, Tv shows, Kids videos and music tv. On this site, you will find all the popular Asian movies in Indian languages.

Hungama offer video content in different languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Hollywood, Bollywood, Dubbed, Punjabi, Malayalam, Bhojpuri, Marathi, Rajasthani, etc.

The best thing about is that you can watch movies and Tv shows without signup or registration.

You can also download the movies of your choice to watch offline.

It is one of the best and updated sites like Einthusan.



Todaypk: Einthusan: Best Alternatives to Enthusan TV: eAskme

Todaypk is another favorite movie streaming site similar to Einthusan. You can watch some of the famous Tamil, Telugu, English and Hindi movies on this site.

Do you know that you can watch Shazam in Telugu or Shazam in Tamil and Shazam in Hindi also on this site?

You can also find dubbed movies on this site.



voot: Einthusan: Best Alternatives to Enthusan TV: eAskme

Voot is another favorite place to watch movies, Tv shows and channels online. Similar to Einthusan app, Voot also offers voot app to stream movies and tv shows online on smartphones.

To access the content on Voot, you need to register. You can watch most of the movies and TV shows without paying anything.

The best thing about voot is that it offers everything in high quality. You can also watch some movies on rent.


YouTube Movies:

YouTube Movies: Einthusan: Best Alternatives to Enthusan TV: eAskme

YouTube Movies is a highly favorite place to watch movies online. The Channel has more than 78 million subscribers. This tells how popular this channel is.

You can watch movies online by paying a minimum fee.

YouTube movies channel is one of the perfect and cheap alternatives to Einthusan.

On this channel you can watch movies, tv shows, songs, comedy videos etc. the best thing is that you can view all the content without subscribing the channel.

All you need is to go to the YouTube channel and start watching movies.

You can also watch movies online on the smartphone using the YouTube app. YouTube App is available on Google Play store and Apple Store.



YuppTV: Einthusan: Best Alternatives to Enthusan TV: eAskme

YuppTV is also a favorite place to watch movies and tv series online. You can also watch live tv on this site.

It supports Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Oriya, English, Bhojpuri and other.

You can also request them to add the movies of your choice in their database. The site also allows you to sort videos according to genre and rating.



Zee5: Einthusan: Best Alternatives to Enthusan TV: eAskme

Zee5 is another site like Einthusan. This is the site that every movie lover find interesting. You can watch movies, shows, news and videos on this site. The site also offers premium content.

To watch movies online, you must register on the site. You can watch all the Hollywood and Bollywood blockbusters on Zee5.

Most of the movies are free to watch, but you also find some premium content on this site. Like the einthusan app, you can also find Zee5 app for Android and iOS devices.



YoMovies is another popular movie site where you can watch Hindi movies online for free. It is similar to 123movies.

On this site you can find a huge list of Hindi movies, Hindi dubbed movies according to top rated, most viewed and IMDB rating.

This is a completely free alternative to Einthusan tv.


Hindilinks4u is one of the most popular free movie streaming site to watch movies online. It is the site where you can watch all the popular movie online for free without paying anything in HD.

It is quite easy to use. You can find all the Hindi movies, dubbed movies, series and documentaries on this site.

When you click on the link to play the movies, it shows you additional information related to the movie such as name, director, starring, genre, release date, imdb rating, rating, duration, etc.

You can also watch Shazam in hindi and Avengers end game in hindi on this site.


DownloadHub is also a popular website in India to watch movies online in different Indian languages.

You can download all the movies to watch them.

The site offer Hindi movie, Telugu movies, Watch Tamil movies,  Punjabi movies, songs, Tv shows etc.

This is also a perfect site like Einthusan to download and watch movies for free. It is similar to Fmovies.

Here is the Einthusan infographic for you;


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Final Words/Conclusion:

These are a few of the best sites that are similar to Einthusan. These websites allow you to watch or download movies that you can find on enthusian Hindi movie or enthusian Tamil movie lists.

Some of these sites also allow you to watch live tv channels.

The sites also offer premium content that means to access some content you need to pay monthly rent or fee.

Without a premium account, your access will be limited to free content only.

Do let me which site you like to visit when it come sot watch movies online.

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