December 13, 2018

Best Kodi Alternatives, Addons and Updates

So, you want to know about Kodi? Today you may have many questions in your mind such as what is Kodi? What are the best Kodi alternatives? From where you can download Kodi? What are the Kodi addons? How to update Kodi? How to use Kodi? What are the best Kodi alternatives? What is the latest version of Kodi? etc., etc.

There is nothing strange if you do not know about Kodi or the best Kodi alternatives.

Kodi : Alternatives, Addons and Updates: eAskme
Kodi : Alternatives, Addons and Updates: eAskme

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Today, I will answer your every question about Kodi.

Let’s start from the basic one.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is one of the most popular open source Home Theater Software available for free. Kodi is the software that allows you to stream videos in the home theater environment.

Kodi gives you access to play music, movies, TV shows, photos, Watch/record live TV, use add-ons, web interface, remote access, etc. You can even use Kodi to watch anime online.

How to install Kodi?

The beauty about Kodi software is that you can install Kodi on any operating system. You can easily install Kodi on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, Raspberry Pi, iOS and many other operating systems.

It is super easy to Install Kodi.
  • Just go to
  • Click on the “Download” button available on the top right side.
  • It will take you to the download page.
  • Choose your operating system.
  • Click on the available button to download Kodi.

Kodi 17.1 and Kodi 17.4 are the most popular versions of Kodi software.

The latest Kodi 17.6 is available now.

Now, as you have downloaded Kodi, the next thing is to install Kodi.

You can not only install Kodi on desktop or android, but you can also install Kodi on firestick.

To install Kodi on the desktop, just run the Kodi software, and in a couple of clicks, Kodi installation will complete.

To get maximum entertainment, you can use the best Kodi add-ons.

Best Kodi Add-ons:

There are hundreds of add-ons that you can find on Kodi, but I am going to share only the most popular Kodi addons.
  • Exodus
  • Convenant
  • Genesis
  • Nemesis
  • Incursion
  • Neptune Rising
  • The Magic Dragon
  • Posedion
  • Gurzil

There is a vast list of Kodi add-ons that you can browse here

You can find the best Kodi add-ons according to the categories such as;
  • Audio decoder
  • Audio encoder
  • Context menus
  • Game add-ons
  • Image decoder
  • Information providers
  • Libraries
  • Look and feel
  • Lyrics
  • Modules
  • Music add-ons
  • Picture add-ons
  • Plugins
  • Program add-ons
  • PVR client
  • Scripts
  • Services
  • Subtitles
  • Video add-ons
  • Virtual filesystem
  • Visualization
  • Weather
  • Web interface

Kodi also allows you to create your addon.

You will find many of favorite Kodi addons banned or shut down. The reason behind is that some add-ons can cause legal or copyright issues. I advise you to use VPN service such as NordVPN if you are using add-ons.

This is the time when you may think about best Kodi alternatives. You can some of the best Kodi alternatives to entertain yourself.

The Best Kodi Alternatives

Here are the best Kodi alternatives for you. These add-ons will give you almost everything that you find on Kodi. Most of the Kodi alternatives in this list are free.


Emby : Kodi Alternatives : eAskme

Emby is one of the most compatible Kodi alternative available these days. You can use Emby on almost all the platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, PS4, Xbox, Roku, Chrome Web, etc.
Emby says, ”Take your Media anywhere.”

Emby and Plex are the close competitors, and both are the best Kodi alternatives. Similar to Kodi, Emby is also an open source platform to stream videos and record live TV. Emby works on client-server.

Emby also gives you parental control to control what your kids can watch. This is a valuable feature.
The smart processing mechanism of Emby makes it able to stream the videos according to the device capabilities.

Emby also sends you all the necessary notifications regarding your activity.

To access movie mode and backups, you need to opt for the premiere version of Emby. You can pay $4.99/month, or $54/yearly or $119 for lifetime access. You can process these payments via PayPal.

Media Portal:

Media Portal : Kodi Alternatives : eAskme

Media Portal is another Kodi alternative. The best thing about Media Portal is that you can enable remote control in it. Media Portal is an open source media center that works similar to Kodi.

Media Portal is available for Windows, iOS, Android and Web. You will find a vast collection of addons on Media Portal. You can watch live streaming and many favorite channels on this software.

It is not heavy software. You can run it smoothly on basic hardware. You can also connect it with the Tv to watch movies, photos or listen to music. You can also record live TV, get weather updates, news, etc. on this software.

The beauty of Media portal is that it is entirely free.


Infuse : Kodi Alternatives : eAskme

Infuse is an elegant video player because of its popularity and user-friendly nature I have added it in the list of alternative to Kodi. You can use infuse to play all the popular media formats such as AVI, MP44, MKV, WMV, etc.

Infuse is one of the most effective alternatives to Kodi. You can easily import the video on Infuse from the third party apps such as OneDrive, iCould, Google, Dropbox, etc.

It is super easy to download and use this media player.

You can even play 4k videos on this software.

Infuse is popular because of its gesture control, drag-drop feature and split screen feature.
You will find it easy to use than other Kodi alternatives.

Terrarium TV App:

Terrarium Tv App : Kodi Alternatives : eAskme
Terrarium TV  App offers you a massive library of movies and tv series. Smartphone users find this app the best Kodi alternative for smartphone users.

Using the app is easy. Its user-friendly interface is the reason behind its popularity.

Terrarium TV App is for those who love to watch movies or TV series. It is a free app available for TV box, Android TV, Fire Tv, and Firestick. You can quickly install it to stream movies.

It does not support 4k streaming, but you can watch 1080p HD movies on it.


Mobdro : Kodi Alternatives : eAskme

Mobdro is another live streaming app for android devices. You will find a huge list of TV channels on Mobdro. When it comes to talking about streaming errors, Mobdro is better than Kodi.

Mobdro quickly steams the movies and TV series online. You can also download the film and tv series.

The simple user interface of Mobdro makes it easy for you to access your favorite videos. You can browse different categories.

Mobdro comes in both free and paid version. The paid version gives you access to all the latest movies and TV series.


Stremio : Kodi Alternatives : eAskme

Are you looking for a light alternative to Kodi? If yes, then Stremio is for you. Stremio is the perfect alternative to Kodi. You will find all the data on this app managed perfectly.

Stremio is the perfect solution to watch high-quality videos. It also provides casting support. This means that you can cast videos easily on any device. You can also find subtitles when watching videos.

You can also create a personal library on Stremio app. In the personal library you can keep your favorite videos. You can also enjoy some of the most popular add-ons such as Flimon, YouTube and Netflix.

The best thing about Stremio app is that it will give you a notification whenever a new movie or show added.

It is a must to signup on Stremio to access the database. It is quite easy to create an account on Stremio.


Plex : Kodi Alternatives : eAskme

Plex is another alternative of Kodi. On Plex, you will find everything that you get on Kodi. Plex also comes in both paid and free versions.

Plex premium version gives you additional features. You can start using plex for free, but if you want more, then you can opt of the premium account by paying $4.99/month.

You can install Plex on Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. There is another version of Plex that you can install on Roku, Android TV, Windows Phone and Linux.

Users like the multidimensional interface. It helps you efficiently manage and watch videos. You can watch movies and TV series on Plex.

 On Plex, you can watch various live TV channels. It is also the best video streaming app for android devices.


Exodus is a popular alternative of Kodi. Exodus live TV offers high-quality experience free of cost. You can download this app from the play store.

The free version of Exodus live app gives you everything but with ads. To avoid adds you have to opt for the premium version.

You can watch the favorite HD channels live from USA and UK. You can also watch channels from other countries. You can also find channels according to the category such as movies, news, religion, sports matches, and entertainment. You will not find buffering errors.

Exodus live TV is a free app, and you need not create an account.

Using the app with a clean interface is easy.


YouNity : Kodi Alternatives : eAskme

You may find many other Kodi alternatives, but Younity is one of the best. Younity comes in both free and paid versions.

You can also call it the perfect alternative to Kodi. It is available for Mac, iOS and Android devices.

Younity supports Chrome Cast. With this, you can easily cast the videos on other devices.

Younity also enables remote control access. You can use it as a Kodi alternative.


SPMC : Kodi Alternatives : eAskme

SPMC is another popular media server similar to Kodi. It was developed by former Kodi team, and that is why it is the perfect alternative to Kodi. The team has tried to give you a better app than Kodi.

You will find it similar to Kodi with additional features. You will not face many errors that you may see on Kodi. SPMC allows you to customize the media and library easily.

SPMC is only available for Android users.

SPMC offer you some unique features which make it the superior alternative of Kodi.

Final Words:

Kodi is the most popular open source player software available for almost all the platforms. When accessing Kodi, you may face some errors. Kodi alternatives are here to help you get rid of common mistakes and get more entertainment.

If you have ever used Kodi, then you must use these alternatives also.

I have already shared many posts with you where you can watch movies and TV series online for free.

Now you can download the best Kodi alternatives and find out which work best for you.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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