May 29, 2019

Have an Agent Helped You with the Ration Card Creation Process, through the Internet

By Sona Mathews
Creating a ration card is not an important requirement in this day and age, but the Government makes sure people have one since it is being used to work out a few of their schemes.

Until the introduction of the Aadhaar card, ration cards, although claimed to be unpopular, were considered the most significant form of identification in the country.

Have an Agent Helped You with the Ration Card Creation Process, through the Internet: eAskme
Have an Agent Helped You with the Ration Card Creation Process, through the Internet: eAskme

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They might seem to be pushed onto the backburner but they cannot be pushed out of the system just yet.

What changed for the ration card?

Over time, the Government came up with new and innovative ways of gathering information of people in India through various departments and organizations that needed the same data but for varying purposes.

The Income tax department gathered your personal information for a PAN card, the election commission did the same for an election card, the passport department, to travel internationally and so on.

Finally, people had a lot of documents, all recognized by the Government, all valid, with primarily the same information.

As time passed, everyone found that they were using the document that mattered most to them.

However, the Government needed all the information gathered, linked to those respective documents.

So they put together this idea to merge everything into one document, the Aadhaar card.

With the exception of the election card, for obvious reasons.

Ration cards are not directly being linked to the Aadhaar cards, this far, but they are using the latter to push the same schemes, initially only allowed on ration cards.

This is causing a lot of people to feel like they do not need a ration card and not apply for one.

However, India still has a significant number of ration cards and it doesn’t seem like the Government is working too hard to get rid of them anytime soon.

How can you create a ration card without the tedious 'ration card creation' process?

From all the identification proof that an Indian citizen is supposed to have, the ration card is probably the oldest.

This usually means that the process for making one is quite old-fashioned and follows aged protocols and would not be open to change.

The best way to get your hands on a ration card is through an online service.

Although most state Government’s do not have one of their own, private companies took it upon themselves to create an easier process.

This saves several trips to the ration card office to get a thorough list of documents and the proper application forms needed for submission.

You can also work with agents who do this often, online or offline.

They would already know the ins and outs of the system allowing them to work through the process a little faster than the average Joe.

There are various websites that would happily provide a ration card agent or act as your agent to gather your information and vet it at their end, before submitting it to get the card.

Payments can be handled electronically and the delivery done straight to the address mentioned, which has to be correct since it would be on the card.

The process is not just convenient but allows you to get your ration card quicker without the running about traditionally associated with the ration card process.

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