What You Need to Know Before Opening Your Restaurant

Are you ready to finally turn your dreams into a reality? Many people dream of opening their restaurant, a place to explore and grow culinary expertise.

But with most of these people, business is something they don’t know much about.

What you need to know before opening your restaurant: eAskme
What you need to know before opening your restaurant: eAskme
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They know how to cook the most exquisite dishes, but running a business isn't their cup of tea.

Things to know before opening your restaurant

Running a restaurant is becoming increasingly competitive. Other than delicious food, you also need to consider a few other determining factors:

What’s your big idea?

New restaurants are popping up every other day around the country.

What does your restaurant have to offer that others can’t offer?

What your big idea or a unique selling point?

Think about it. Concept restaurants are the new big thing in the food industry right now.

Think about a concept.

For instance, dinner in the sky restaurant. Most people don’t visit the restaurant for the food, but for the ambiance and the concept.

Think of your cuisine and menu. Create a big idea from that.

If you are planning on opening up a new Indian restaurant, maybe you can create a narrative around the culture and tradition of India.

Your big idea will help a lot later on.

It will help you decide on your menu, your décor, your location and also your target market.

Create a business plan

If you are a chef, this might be the last thing you want to do. But it’s crucial for your business to survive in the long run.

A business plan is a detailed plan on how are you going to start making money from your restaurant.

It will include financing options, your location, and all the paperwork you need.

Your business plan will discuss your consumer demographics and how to reach those consumers.

It will discuss staffing and business equipment. Basically, it is a plan to bring your dream into reality through actionable steps.

Get in touch with a business developer if you feel that this is outside your area of expertise.

A business plan is crucial to getting a loan from banks or investors.


Location is the key factor in determining the success of your restaurant.

Marry your locations with your concept.

If you are planning on opening up a cool burger joint, it probably won’t bring in many customers in a high-end hotel.

If you move the same burger joint near to a college campus, you will get guaranteed customers.

When considering your location, think of the cuisine you are going to offer. Consider the footfall in the area.

You might have to consider your own budget too while choosing a location.

Financing a Restaurant

Your restaurant isn’t going to start making money the day it starts unless you are planning on hiring Rihanna to man the desk.

Your business will probably leak money for the first few months. And also become the food industry is becoming increasingly competitive.

You need a good amount of money to give your restaurant a chance at survival in the initial months.

Figure out how you are going to finance your restaurant.

You have a number of options.

You can get apply for a small business loan.

You can even get in contact with investors to help finance your business. Look for angel investors who are already looking for investors.

Another way is to crowd fund your business.

In all these options, you might not retain full control over your business operations.

If you want solo control over the restaurant, you will have to start saving from today.

Look at high-interest savings accounts.

Complete your Paperwork

Opening a restaurant is far more complicated than just buying a shop and start cooking.

Find out the legal requirements for a restaurant in your area. These would be licenses, health codes, employee requirements, income tax regulations, and other tax laws.

Consider hiring a business lawyer to help you out if you don’t feel like you can do it on your own.

Marketing your Restaurant

Remember the last time you tried out a new restaurant?

For me, it’s usually when the place comes recommended by friends and family.

Word of mouth publicity has always been the best marketing tool for businesses since ancient times.

Nowadays, word of mouth is amplified through social media.

You can reach a lot more people through word-of-mouth. Get people to start talking positively about your restaurant on social media.

A good way to do that is hiring a local influencer to visit your restaurant and write a rave review on their blog and social media channels.

Offer them free food in exchange for the review. Do it as soon as you launch, so build up on the initial excitement.

Find an influencer who aligns with your restaurant’s concept.

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