October 31, 2019

Marketing Translations Mistakes (Infographic)

The translation is never easy, but it gets even more complicated when there’s marketing involved - ads, slogans, rhymes, wordplays are very often untranslatable.

It is not rare that the translators have to come up with whole new ideas to just keep the gist of the original slogan.

Marketing Translations Mistakes: INFOGRAPHIC: eAskme
Marketing Translations Mistakes: INFOGRAPHIC: eAskme

Unfortunately, it is not always the case and the history of advertising is full of mistranslated ads and weird messages.

So if you need, for example, translations in Puerto Rico, it’s better to find professionals to avoid cases like the following:

Safe Parker Pen

When Parker wanted to introduce their pens into the Mexican market, they came up with a slogan: It won't leak in your pocket and embarrass you.

Instead, they promised their Mexican customers that it won’t leak in their pocket and make them pregnant.

Embarazar only looks like embarrass, but it actually means impregnate. But it’s good to know it’s safe to use a Parker pen.

Feel very at home with American Airlines

American Airlines wanted to come up with something to attract attention to their brand new, leather seats in the first class, so they used a simple slogan - Fly in leather.

The problem is that in leather translates to Spanish as en cuero and en cueros means naked.

While listening to people speaking very fast on the television or on the radio, Spanish speakers in South America actually thought that the new American Airlines slogan is Fly in Naked.


Did you like reading about these translation accidents? If you want more, check out the infographic below provided by Lighthouse:

Marketing Translations Mistakes

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