Get Over Trello Already! Here are the Best Trello Alternatives

As we all know, Trello is a popular project management tool that is used by many companies and also freelancers because of its clean interface, Kanban methodology, etc.

But it is essential to know that not all popular tools are the best in the business, although it is highly flexible and visual but not a useful project management tool.

Get Over Trello Already! Here are the Best Trello Alternatives: eAskme
Get Over Trello Already! Here are the Best Trello Alternatives: eAskme

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Many users have faced issues with its limited functionality and with the lack of sophisticated reporting. There are many better software alternatives to trello.

Some of the trello alternatives are listed down below that can help your team to become very productive:

1. Workzone

It is just the right solution for many of the teams.

It is less complicated than some of the high-end tools and more robust than some of the entry-level tools.

It also has advanced reporting features for greater efficiency.

It has a reputation of being a simple to use project management software offering some of the powerful features for the users to get their work done quickly.

Some of the reasons why it should be used instead of Trello are dedicated workspaces, personalized to-do lists, visibility across the organization, sharing of files in the cloud, world-class customer support, etc.

It has integrations with Google, DropBox, Slack, and HipChat.

2. Paymo

It is an easy project management software that boasts a community of more than 70,000 small companies for managing projects. It helps teams to collaborate, track time, and manage projects from start to end.

This is the reason it is trusted by software companies, freelancers, creative agencies, web design, marketing from all over the world to improve their performance.

There are many reasons as to why Paymo should be used instead of Trello.

They are:

  • Tracking of expenses, generating price quotes, get paid online.

  • Gantt charts give an overview of the start date, end date, and duration between the tasks.

  • Keeping track of time spent on activities and using it effectively.

  • Single place storage of files so that team members can access them anytime.

3. ProofHub

It is a tool that is far more versatile for users than Trello. It is a single space for projects, teams, office conversations, etc. that help team members to collaborate and deliver projects on time.

Even if you’re a freelancer doing daily gigs for quick money, it has amazing features such as a neat interface, complete security.

There are many reasons to use ProofHub instead of Trello:

  • Task management:
ProofHub helps in streamlining task management so that teams don’t wonder who’s doing what. It lets you set tasks and subtasks for easy work allocation.

Also, it allows you to assign tasks to multiple people, create multiple task lists in a project, etc.
  • Workflows and Kanban boards:
It lets you simplify the way you work by defining 3- stage Kanban workflow that you can also edit on your own as per the requirement.

All this adds flexibility to the process with custom workflow.

Also, it allows you to attach files, add time labels to tasks, integrate workflows, etc.
  • Gantt charts
It provides a Gantt chart tool that helps in creating a visual timeline for tasks to better plan the projects.

There are many other reasons for using ProofHub as it provides with Discussion and chats, Project Calendar, Reports, Online Proofing, Time tracking, etc.

It has integrations with Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, and Box.

4. TeamWork

It is one of the easiest project management software to use.

You can accelerate your team’s performance by assigning tasks, tracking progress, and communicating.

It was founded in 2007 and has brilliantly managed to make a name for itself in the present competition.

There are many reasons to use TeamWork instead of Trello. First of all, its visual and intuitive interface is above the rest and is brilliant for managing all sized projects.

It has powerful and printable interactive Gantt charts.

It creates task dependencies and has the ability to check anyone’s availability and progress. Its integrations are Drobox, Google Docs, Freshbooks, and Harvest.

5. Podio

Podio, unlike many other project management systems, is not very rigid and inflexible.

It allows you to customize your Dashboard, gives an opportunity to select from numerous apps to match your business needs.

It also lets the user create their own apps.

It also works well for developers and software companies.

There are many reasons to use Podio instead of Trello.

It helps you attach files, view status, and add comments to projects.

It has a structured process so that teams can work in sync with it. It’s stability, and intuitive interface makes deployment straightforward.

Its integrations are DropBox, Google Drive, and Box.

6. QuickBase

It is also a cloud-based project management system that allows anyone to create better ways to work efficiently.

It also promotes easy communication by giving all team members, clients, etc. a platform to collaborate and achieve higher levels of productivity.

It works as a series of apps, so it’s also highly customizable in nature, allowing you to use the way you want.

There are many reasons for using QuickBase over Trello.

It empowers everyday problem- solvers in the business to turn their ideas into customized apps.

Also, as conditions change, it updates your apps with real-time information to gain a competitive advantage.

Also, it builds insightful dashboards that unlock data across the team to uncover opportunities for the business.

It has integrations with Google Docs, Zendesk, Dropbox, and Box.

Summing Up

So these are some of the best Trello alternatives.

All of them have some other advantages over Trello and many features that even Trello is not able to provide.

So for organizations that want to exploit those extra features with the confidence of performance and accuracy, then these alternatives are the best to use instead of Trello in those situations.

However, there are many other alternatives to Trello also. They are:

  • Fusioo

  • TaskWorld

  • BrightPod

  • Kanbanize

  • MS Project

  • Wrike

  • Asana

  • Usernap

  • LiquidPlanner

  • Clarizen

  • ActiveCollab etc.
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