Gambling Sponsorship in Football –Good or Bad?

Advertising in football is widespread and profitable business. The club football generates huge revenue from sponsorship of different companies. Premier League clubs make around 350 million pounds per season from sponsorship, and it is growing by 10%. Out of 20 pioneer clubs, ten are exhibiting betting company`s logo on their t-shirt.17 out of 24 clubs in Championship are also sponsored by betting firms like Betway.

Gambling Sponsorship in Football –Good or Bad: eAskme
Gambling Sponsorship in Football –Good or Bad: eAskme

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The sponsorship amount is huge as 69 million pounds and increasing in many folds.

Betting and football are associated for a long period of time and are expected to continue in the coming days.

More money in football

In modern times the gambling industry is ushering a large amount of money in football.

Most clubs of the Premier League and Championship are sponsored by wagering firms.

The premier league is considered as the best football tournament of the world as world-renowned players participate in these matches.

The standard of football is inching higher day by day, and funds are required to maintain it and for new infrastructures.

Capital is required for the new large stadium, maintaining and forming new training facilities and to encourage local youth football.

Revenue generating from gambling sponsorship provides these clubs the requisite fund to maintain this infrastructure and nurturing budding players.
Clubs need a huge amount of money to retain or sign in new players. Record-setting transfer fees are established in every season for top players.

A transfer fee of Neymar was a mammoth 198 million pounds for the year 2017. Without sponsorship, such a huge amount are impossible to generate.

Without these funds, clubs will not be able to retain world-class players, and they will play in different leagues, offering them more lucrative terms.

Gambling addiction

Gambling addiction is now considered as a major health issue like alcoholism and drug addiction.

One school of thought advocates gambling sponsorship on players’ t-shirt, and TV advertisements will encourage the malice further.

People with gambling problems may feel higher for wagering when they see the gambling logo on the shirt of their adored player.

There may be some restriction imposed on gambling sponsorship in football in the coming era, as cigarettes and tobacco sponsorship is abolished in some countries.

Football betting

Betting on football has been prevailing for a long time, with the advent of internet and information technology, you can bet online.

You need to choose a reputed online sports betting site where you can open an account.

Online football betting is convenient and easy; all you need is a computer or laptop with an internet connection to place your bet.

On their website, you will find Football League Tables, which exhibits all the recent updates about football matches.

Creating a betting account is simple and straightforward.

You need to provide minimal personal information for registration.

On the website, you will be guided step by step on how to create your account.

It just takes a few minutes to register, and then you can place your bet on football.

At the first stage, make a minimal deposit to carry your betting activities.

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