July 15, 2020

Five Insane Online Casino Winnings

Every online gambler dreams about it. Spinning in a massive prize from a relatively small bet. Some lucky players manage to achieve just that. Thanks to progressive jackpot slots offered by many of the planet’s largest iGaming firms, all it takes is an appetite for risk and a hell of a lot of luck.

Five Insane Online Casino Winnings: eAskme
Five Insane Online Casino Winnings: eAskme
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In this article, we’ll be shining a light on five of the most insane online casino winnings ever. You’ll notice a trend – they’re all won on progressive jackpots and most them on a single Microgaming title.

Some of our winners dropped mega money from just a bit of change, others won on their first spins ever, but they all took millions from the games they played.

Winning huge money online is what we all dream about and the following tales will show you that it not only happens but with quite a bit of regularity!

Beginner’s Luck

A man from Aberdeen, Scotland, proved well and truly that you really can hit a truly life-changing sum of money without spending every moment gambling.

The man won a massive £6.3 million from just a £4 bet. It was his first ever visit to an online casino too!

The gambler who we only know as Neil signed up to the UK online casino Casino, deposited £30 at the account he had just created, and loaded up the Hall of Gods online slots.

Those of you who’ve played a lot at online casinos will probably recognize the name. It’s a popular title by NetEnt that features a potentially huge progressive jackpot.

Playing alone on his laptop in his kitchen, Neil only managed to get through £4 of his deposit before he triggered the progressive jackpot. Stunned, he called his wife into the room to confirm what he simply couldn’t believe.

Upon winning the jackpot in 2017, Neil bought a season ticket for his beloved Liverpool Football Club. He also treated his family to plenty of holidays.

Millions from Pocket Change!

One of the most incredible casino wins of all time was at the hands of an amazingly lucky Finnish player.

The unknown gambler played Mega Fortune, which is also by NetEnt and also features a popular progressive jackpot.

He turned the kind of cash that you’d find down the back of your sofa into the kind that irreversibly changes most folk’s lives.

The identity of our lucky Scandinavian remains unknown at his request. The only details we know relate to his winnings, stake, and the casino he played at – oh, and the fact that he was in his 40s.

The fluky Fin managed to bag himself a massive €17,861,800 on Mega Fortune playing at one of Finland’s most recognizable online casinos, Paf. His spin, which he made in 2013, cost just 25c too!

Soldier of (Mega) Fortunes

Another lucky so-and-so to turn change into millions is Jon Heywood from Crewe in the United Kingdom.

Heywood, a soldier in the British Army who had served in Afghanistan, had been having something of a tough year.

His grandmother had recently passed away and his father was on the national health service’s waiting list for major surgeries of his own.

The 26-year-old was playing at Betway.com one evening in 2015. The game was Mega Moolah by Microgaming.

Funnily enough, it too is a progressive jackpot title and it’s pretty famous in the industry too

From just a bet of 25p, Heywood dropped a frankly mammoth £13.2 million. The exchange rate at the time technically made it the largest win ever to be awarded (then), beating our Finnish friend thanks to the favourite price of the British Pound versus the Euro.

At today’s exchange rate, the anonymous Scandinavian’s win would have been larger.

Heywood said he would use the cash to get his father the best medical treatment money can buy for his heart and lung operations.

He also said he wanted to splash out on a garish yellow Bentley Continental GT, and visit his family in Europe.

Current Record Holder

Grand Mondial Casino paid out the largest ever jackpot win to date. Again, it was on Microgaming’s Mega Moolah.

According to a press release from Microgaming, the anonymous winner took down the record-breaking jackpot of €18.9 million from a 75c bet on the game.

He placed his bet using an Android mobile device too, which means they broke that record too.

The win was in September of 2018 and remains the largest ever to date. The winner decided to remain anonymous.

Two Millionaires in Two Days!

Microgaming’s Mega Moolah is also at the center of our final insane progressive jackpot winning tale.

In March 2018, the slot made two instant millionaires in less than 48 hours.

On the March 5, the game paid out a massive €11,546,388.15. This was followed up the very next day by a second millionaire-making win of €2.2 million.

What’s more remarkable about the smaller-but-still-life-changing win is that it occurred almost immediately after the player registered to play at the unknown casino.

The fact that the progressive jackpot reached €2.2 million so quickly is also surprising but clearly shows just how popular Mega Moolah is.

When the jackpot is reset, Microgaming loads it with €1 million. In less than two days, it was double that and then some!

Progressive Jackpots Only Growing in Popularity

To date, Microgaming’s progressive jackpots have paid out more than €1 billion.

The company isn’t filling the progressive jackpot niche alone either. NetEnt, Playtech, RTG, and others all boast impressive, millionaire-making slots of their own.

Given the ever-increasing size of the record-breaking jackpots over the years, it’s clear that this form of slot continues to grow in popularity with punters.

Hardly surprising when they offer a chance winnings that make most lotteries look small!

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