December 26, 2019

Top 3 Marketing Tactics of the iGaming Industry In 2024

In 2024, the iGaming industry is dominated by online casinos and sportsbooks. With gambling-friendly legislation arriving on the scene in important markets like the United States, the global iGaming industry is poised for some frenetic growth.

This is great news for players, but not so much for the casinos and sportsbooks involved.

Top 3 Marketing Tactics of the iGaming Industry In 2024: eAskme
Top 3 Marketing Tactics of the iGaming Industry In 2024: eAskme

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The online arena is extremely competitive and the arrival of new brands will only intensify this.

Digital marketing is key to the success (or failure) of any iGaming brand these days.

The online marketing rules are the same for everyone:

When it comes to digital marketing rules and tactics, iGaming is just like any other online business.

There are no special rules.

It is the same old rat-race to climb the Google search rankings and get the most views and clicks.

There are many tools in every savvy digital marketer’s playbook.

From good old SEO to PPC, social media, emails, videos - they all matter. But out of them all, there are three key weapons that are must-haves for iGaming brands.

This “holy trinity” includes the following marketing techniques:

1. SEO Is still king in iGaming digital marketing

At its core, the entire iGaming experience is uniform across all websites. You have slots, table games, live games, lottos, and the likes at online casinos.

At sportsbooks, you have the same betting markets with similar odds.

The winner takes all in the fight for SEO position 1

So to stand out, online iGaming platforms create unique websites and bonuses.

But if their customers can’t see these websites at all, what is the point? This is where SEO enters the picture.

Unlike other business, iGaming involves rather unusual keywords related to gambling and sports betting.

With the right kind of optimization, you can ensure that your site ranks high on online search results related to those special keywords. 

SEO has evolved leaps and bounds since the good old days when all you had to do for a high page rank was the tactic called “keyword stuffing.”

But these days, Google and other search engines use sophisticated algorithms.

Instead of blindly looking at the number of times a keyword appears on a site, they look at other advanced features, including:

  • Meaningful and quality content available
  • Overall user experience
  • Quality links to authority sites
  • Website security
  • Mobile optimization
If you get all these things on point, your iGaming site will rank high in Google searches of related keywords that a prospective customer may use.

Many iGaming platforms use blogs to bolster their content these days.

2. Affiliate Networks and PPC/CPA Marketing

Having just a single website in your casino domain is not enough for effective digital marketing, even if it has the best SEO. It will still be like a drop in the ocean.

To improve your online visibility, you need more exposure. This is where casino affiliates are valuable.

Affiliate websites are like partner-agents of iGaming websites.

They are tasked with bringing new customers to the casino.

They are often run by individuals who have deep experience in iGaming, either as players or as operators themselves.

These websites run as trustworthy platforms for players, where they offer in-depth information on a gambling site. They also prominently feature ads of different casinos.

Whenever a player clicks on these ads and visits the site, the casino/sportsbook will pay a small fee to the advertising company (pay per click, aka PPC).

But for casinos, just a click from a player is not enough. They have to be persuaded to deposit cash and place wagers at the site.

Affiliates try to encourage players to do this by convincing them of the positive features of the casino.

In return, affiliates are paid by the casino on the basis of CPA, or Cost Per Action (or acquisition).

In iGaming circles, the “actions” required usually include registration, depositing cash, and making the first bet. 

Affiliate marketing is a very effective tool for online casinos indeed.

There are many examples of reputed iGaming affiliate platforms online.

One of the best, focuses on providing active and working no deposit bonus information to interested players.

3. Media Buying is another great strategy

Advertising online is not as simple as placing an ad in a newspaper or booking a spot on TV/radio.

It is far more nuanced and has many keen advantages.

This is the era of targeted ads, for better or worse.

These are very powerful because they connect your ad directly to your target customer.

Instead of shooting a bunch of flyers into the air and hoping to hit one of your target customers in the crowd, you can now send smart ads directly at a person who might be looking for your service or product.

Media buying for an iGaming brand involves the following steps:

  • Planning - This involves deciding everything from the type of ads, to selecting the online spaces where the ads will be displayed. Careful planning and market research is essential here. Casinos, for instance, should look at sites frequented by online players. Sportsbooks might want to look at sports-oriented platforms that accept gambling ads.
  • Buying - This is the actual stage of the purchase of the space for the ads. It often involves multiple parties like advertisers, demand and supply-side platforms (DSP/SSP), an ad exchange, and the publisher. Often a lot of negotiations are involved regarding pricing and other aspects. These days, with advanced software involved, sites can now buy media spaces in real-time.

Other techniques also matter

These three are just the “first among equals” of iGaming digital marketing.

There are many other important techniques and tools that can make a serious difference to the number of players that join a casino or sportsbook.

These include casino tournaments, social media presence, email marketing, content marketing, and more.

A successful iGaming brand will combine all of these effectively into a cohesive whole to reap maximum benefits.

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