October 03, 2020

Assist the EHIC card with Travel Insurance that Covers the Basics

Getting an EHIC card ready before traveling from one country to another in the EU is probably  the smartest approach to take since healthcare when in another country can be quite expensive. There are schemes that people can avail of if they are planning on bringing the prices down further, but the ideal situation is applying for a European Health Card.

The European Health Insurance Card is a right to any living in the EU and one of the neighbouring countries.

Assist the EHIC card with travel insurance that covers the basics: eAskme
Assist the EHIC card with travel insurance that covers the basics: eAskme


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Although the rules to apply for one might vary slightly across the board, while the documents might  change, the process is straightforward.

Furthermore, the validity of the card varies, and cardholders will have to handle an EHIC renewal depending on when their card will expire.

They should double-check to make sure the EHIC is valid before traveling otherwise it would be counter-productive.

The EHIC card has come about with the evolution of the several individual cards people had to apply for in the past.

It replaced the E110 card used by international road hauliers, the E111 card by tourists, the E119 card by the unemployed and job seekers and the E128 by students and workers in another member state where the documents that travelers had to apply for depending on their circumstances. 

Now, claiming medical treatment was a lot easier since through only one card.

Applicants have to provide specific information and documents relating to the card that they are applying for when getting through the forms.

They can use official Government approved certificates when applying along with their Personal Public Service (PPS) Number.

Applicants might have to show evidence of their PPS Numbers, such as a P60 or a Social Services Card.

They can get through the process online where an individual can fill through application forms  and upload the supporting documents.

In countries allowing the postage of the information, they can send it to the office.

They have to make sure they only send photocopies of the documents and not the originals since those are not accepted.

There were a lot of changes with the healthcare system around the time of the pandemic with large numbers of the people getting ill and needing to claim treatment benefits. The positive was
that they shut the borders almost immediately, and people traveled back to their home countries which made the process a lot easier.

However, the Governments released a statement saying    that there would be no benefits to the people using the EHIC cards, especially during the pandemic.

While the UK bore the worst brunt of the Coronavirus, the people received treatment as best as the healthcare system could handle considering the load it was dealing with.

While the EHIC card has a lot of advantages and is a must when traveling around the EU, there are a couple of benefits that are received only through travel insurance.

People should apply for both when traveling through the EU with certain benefits received only through insurance like traveling back home depending on the severity of the illness or receiving treatment in private hospitals.

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