November 06, 2020

Here’s What To Do When You Hire Movers

By Sona Mathews
Hiring professional movers can certainly save you loads of hassle during the stressful process. It sounds like a dream come true to sit back and relax during the whole move while you have someone to do all the work for you.
Here’s What To Do When You Hire Movers: eAskme
Here’s What To Do When You Hire Movers: eAskme

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But things are not always what it seems to be. In reality, you’ll still have your own tasks to accomplish that professional movers can’t help you with.

Professional movers still do have a lot of value in streamlining the process and handling your hard labor for you, but there are some things you can do to ease the packing and relocation process.

Before Their Arrival:

You’ll need to prepare about two months before your big moving day. It’s important to start early and give yourself sufficient time to prevent a scenario of making last-minute decisions that you might regret.

Needless to say, make sure all your packing is done before your movers are here unless you’ve opted for their packing services.

This is a tedious job as it can really delay your relocation if you find loose dishes in your cupboard at the last minute. Pack all your belongings safely into sturdy containers before the movers arrive.

Save yourself some cash by removing excess items that you wouldn’t need in your new home. This not only helps you financially but also reduces effort in unpacking your new home. There are many ways to declutter such as working from room to room, and by selling, donating, recycling, or throwing them away.

Next, you’ll need to label your packing containers with which room in your new apartments near High Point they belong to. This helps not only your unpacking process but also your movers as they arrange them later on.

Remember to label all your fragile boxes to prevent any mishandling and unwanted breakage of your belongings. Label all the sides of your boxes to know which side of your box is facing upwards.

Don’t assume that your large furniture like your bed frame and sofa can fit through the doors.

Measure your doorways and furniture to be aware of which furniture requires disassembling so that your movers can easily get their job done on moving day.

On the morning of the shift, remember to remove your bedsheets, pillowcases, and blankets to pack it into the boxes. This helps your movers as they can directly help you disassemble your bed frame and upload it onto the moving truck.

This goes the same for all your last-minute electronic appliances such as your phone charger or hairdryer.

Disconnect your electronic appliances before they arrive. Most professional movers don’t really want to get into conflicts because they mess up your computer setups.

Settle Your Belongings That They Can’t Help With:

Unfortunately, there are restrictions on what moving companies can help you with transportation. By law, they can’t put dangerous items that are flammable or perishable onto their trucks.

Set aside these items to know what you need to bring onto your personal vehicle, and load them up onto your car simultaneously while they are uploading your other belongings onto their moving trucks.

Be Nice:

Treat the movers how you want to be treated, and prepare some refreshments such as bottled water or coffee for them to stay hydrated while they are packing and moving your belongings.

A cold drink on a hot day will really make their experience a lot better especially when they are going to be carrying all your heavy furniture.

Don’t forget to provide them quick lunch breaks at noon. You don’t have to provide them food but it would be a nice gesture to provide some snacks for the team.

Entertain The Kids And Small Animals:

On moving day, things can get quite messy and hectic even with professional movers. Reduce the number of disruptions by entertaining your children in the house as they usually are quick to move about with their large amounts of energy.

Your pets should be well entertained with enough water, food, a litter box, and some pet toys.

If necessary, send your kids and small animals elsewhere for the day.

Cleaning Time:

This is literally the best time for you to clean up your place as you won’t have to run into much disruptions from the sheer volume of furniture.

Give your new apartment a quick clean up before the movers arrive, and clean your old apartment for the next family to move in as well. If you don’t have much time to clean your old apartment, try cleaning it as each room is cleared.

This way, you’ll find your house cleaned up by the time all your belongings are uploaded onto the moving truck.

Last-Minute Checks:

Even the best packers and movers may overlook some items during moving day.

Once everything is done, give a final check to make sure nothing is left behind. This includes your usual hiding spots such as the attic, the cabinets, dishwashers, and drawers.

Make sure there’s also no leftover food in your fridge as those counts as “perishables” and aren’t allowed to be transported.

Trash all the unwanted rubbish and remember to close and lock all the windows and doors and switch off the lights.

Be Present:

With that, you’re done with your move. Hiring professional movers doesn’t eliminate all your work on moving day, and it’s always a good idea to pack ahead of time to avoid any last-minute messes.

You’ll want to be present as much as possible in case your movers have questions or run into situations where they will need you to make decisions or need your assistance.

If you’re going to be away, try to leave someone with your movers to oversee the process and at least provide your movers with payment.

Still, give them some space and trust their expertise in packing and transporting your belongings. While you can point out which items are fragile, it will be a mutually beneficial experience if you avoid hovering over the team of professional movers.


Even when you hire professional movers, you should make some effort to streamline the moving process.

After all, these are your belongings, and you are ultimately the one with the most responsibility to take care of your things.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me.

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